Ethereum Price Week Analysis: Can ETH Bulls Cum Uptrend hold?

  • ETH's prices were built in the days gone by and broke the $ 139 and $ 144 against the US Dollar.
  • The price is correct at this time, but he could still get close support for the zone $ 139.
  • There is a large, impressive channel supported at $ 140 on a 4-hour ETH / USD basis (data feed via Kraken).
  • The pair is still in a commotion that there is no daily closure under the supporting zone $ 139.

The Ethereum price is squeezed against the US Dollar and bitcoin. ETH / USD could confirm the $ 139 support range before it starts retaining a new place above $ 144.

Analysis of the Ethereum Project

Last week, ETH created the price of strong support close to a $ 137 rate against the US Dollar. A pattern of ETH / USD was triggered by a drastic, external movement and traded across the standards $ 139 and $ 142. There was a tremendous finish above the $ 139 level and the 100% mobile average. 4 hours). He scrapped the route for more advantages and a price swapped over the $ 144. refresh range. He traded close to the level of $ 146 and later started a substantial correction down the side. outdoors.

The price sold below was below $ 142 and the 50% Fib rate at the last wave from $ 137 up to $ 145 swing high. However, the price of buying a place above the funding aid was $ 139. As well as that, a large direct channel supported at $ 140 is on a 4-hour ETH / USD table. The figure of 61.8% Fib of the last waves from the $ 137 low to $ 145 swing high was also helpful. The price has been recovered, but the range of $ 142 works as a barrier.

It is likely that there would be another dip in the ETH price of $ 140. However, the $ 139 support zone tends to be a necessary purchase zone. As there is no daily closure under $ 139, the price is liable to revert in this term.

Detailed Price Analysis Ethereum ETH Chart

The table above shows that the ETH price is set up, but that bull stops must be put on the supporting area of ​​$ 139. At the top, a breakthrough is required. $ 142 and $ 144 for more benefits. The next main refinement is nearly $ 146, above which the price is likely to try against the $ 150 rate.

Technical indicators

4 MACD – MACD wants ETH / USD moving slowly in the bearish wave, with some negative signs.

4 RSI hours – RSI for ETH / USD is currently adjusting less than the rate of 75, and could test it 55.

Large Support Phase – $ 139

Big Grade Resistance – $ 144

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