Evaluations and analysis of the Liverpool FC player: Georginio Wijnaldum's historic center in the middle of the park, Mohamed Salah Luis Suarez

We can not have a welcoming look at Liverpool sportsman's list as a home decision with Bournemouth after a bit of trouble.

Back-to-back with City Leicester and West West have pushed a great deal on Jurgen Klopp's side, but there was a game against the generous Sneakers; represents the retirement of the formal opportunity.

The Reds won their three final meetings with Eddie Howe's men with an overall score of 11-0, and found things that were easy for them to know again as long as they were. going to 3-0 success this time.

Their performance showed a three-point drive opening at the top of the Premier League; Last talk about what is unlucky.

Do this like this: If the week has been so bad and that's the case; Getting to Liverpool between today and May, they know they are sure they will keep the prize at the end of the season.

Keita will start to & # 39; show what's coming

After West Ham United's 45 minutes on Monday, Naby Keita might have been fortunate enough for the second half.

However, what would have been said to the Guinean during his / her; Breaking half that time, it seems he worked.

Photograph: REUTERS / Phil Noble

Continuing from & # 39; Developing the second half shown in & # 39; Capital, Keita was a good one here, and his confidence was not just how the goals set to his goals.

The trip to Roberto Firmino in building the third hits was something of beauty, and there were many minutes of such a prize from Reds No. 8 throughout.

As it is just 22 years old and changing football in a new country, evaluations of recent events by Keita have been a bit tough, although many of the expectations High raised before reaching a lot to answer for that.

Fortunately, it is now showing that the old RB Leipzig is a man; Starting to stay with them, even though their patience still tends to be necessary at times.

Wijnaldum is the leading person in Redfield midfield

Klopp was awarded three-day fitness in the construction of her modern game, with Jordan Henderson, Trent Alexander-Arnold and Georginio Wijnaldum all of them; recover from bad in time to make the team.

But he was saying that only one of those trials appeared today; start – and did not say why.

Photograph: Alex Livesey / Getty Images

In this season, Wijnaldum has been established as the person making a logo in the middle of his / her; park with permission from a strong variety of perspective, vision and patience in possession.

And, although the Dutch is not going to & # 39; Aspects were often sought as it was during his early days in Anfield, his amazing completion proved to be fifty that he did not lose his business.

The Reds are in need of the most recent injuries to be the final ones of 2018-19 if they want to win the title.

Finally, Salah is matching Suarez in the amazing games

It was unlikely to come in an unusual two-game heat-heat, but Mohamed Salah is now about 20 goals for the season.

The Egyptian is his first Liverpool player from Luis Suarez to carry out that work in ongoing campaigns – is there a better evidence of his eyes than that?

Photograph: AFP / Getty Images

A visit to the 44th of the next year's visit will not be re-visited this time, but it will not be looked after if there is an award at the end of the time.

And it's like shows like this – with unstable play as well as deadly ending – that's going to do it; increasing the likelihood of the happiness of the campaign.

Kopites respond to & # 39; cited

Anfield people came in for something that was very scarce to show that they were Over the past trips last year with Leicester City.

Liverpool player levels

Alisson 6
Milner 6
Van Dijk 6
Matip 7
Robertson 8
Wijnaldum 8
Fabinho 6
Keita 7
Morning 7
Salah 8
Signature 7

And so Spion's 1906 policing group was willing to put that right at the next available opportunity, asking fans to get into the ground early before today's games and its & # 39; giving their full support to the side of the house.

These people were not sure to fall on deaf ears, with the atmosphere improved when compared to the usual Saturday 3f cookies.

Supporters gave everything they could bring back to the players and received an enhanced, confident reward from their opponents; This week may have an uncomfortable weight.

Klopp hopes that there will be more than the same as the title that runs into a bad start, especially with Tottenham and Chelsea such as still. visit Merseyside.

A red will come to Spain in a very back

As Klopp confirmed at his pre-game press conference, Liverpool will go out to Spain for a warm weather training camp after this great deal.

And the chance to rebuilding wilds and setting scenes on the way may not be better than ever.

There are a number of suitably qualified players that will increase numbers and confidence to live in Europe, and 3-0 influence will not make any confidence, either.

And the Reds know that they have a chance to relax before taking the campaign against Bayern Munich and Manchester United.

An essential week in the season is perfectly made up.

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