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EXO No Chanyeol Can Believe How good are Park Shin's and D.O's actor skills.

EXO's Chanyeol shows an interest in the skills of the Academy of Shin Hye Park and a co-member of D.O.

On the 21st February broadcast of "Life Bar," Chanyeol appeared as a guest with "Memories of the Alhambra" co-aoes of Hoon Park, Han Bo Reum, and Lee Si Won.

His sister, Peter Shin Hye, his older sister on the screen, said Chanyeol, "There was a time when Park Shin Hye was talking to the director and she should be shouting in a vision. She was watching her and thinking she was very good. She told the director that she would be shouting and then began to do it as soon as the filming. "

He continued, "I have little knowledge, so I had not seen a lot of this before, but he cried suddenly as people cry long while they are & # 39 He spoke in life. She cried so real. She is so good at working, and I felt like being an acting instrument. "He welcomed him," Do not She was really like my oldest sister, and I was worried if that was also working, good at. "

Producing EXO 's D.O., who recently made the star in the "100 Days of My Prince", Kim Heechul asked if the two members were; look and talk about each other's dramas. Chanyeol replied, "We did not watch each other's dramas. This is how I'm feeling, and maybe it's for Kyungsoo [D.O.] too, but because it is so close friend, I have had the icon after I've been familiar with it for ten years as Your Kyung Soo is so strong that it is difficult to start myself in the drama. "

He continued, "The members recently went to the VIP screen of Swing Kids." I realized that his performance is so perfect now and is not at all. I saw him the next day for a scheduled event, and I praised it, and we talked about it regularly. "

"Bar of Life" boats on Thursday at 11 p.m. KST.

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