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Ford a Ford – pulling together, name of sports car

Tradesmen seem to be running out of ideas for model names and to have to sit their test through the catalog, with some interesting sports names, like the first to be wounded. At first, Mitsubishi used the name Eclipse for his most recent cross-rule, and now Ford joins the band with the Puma – the name which was finally used on a given comma. in 1997. t

This time, a torch relay will be given at the end of the year. The new offer alongside alongside EcoSport will be a more fun option, competing with Nissan Juke and the Toyota C-HR.

Even in this dark (and very dark) picture it is clear that even more funny design in Poland will compare with the rest of the quiet Blue Oval team. On the front it is of a direct ellipsoid light like those in GT's superheads, and the much larger window line connecting to a roof line that stands like Honda HR-V.

Ford says that there are enough 456 liters in the site, which he says is enough to put two golf sacks in place. As is now the case, the Puma is available with a 48-volt light hybrid powder, diluting a three-cylinder three-cylinder petrol engine with an integrated generator / generator (BISG) for kinetic energy to collect and build t torches are accelerated.

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