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Google spent $ 13 billion on property movements in 2019

The company did not say that many homes will pay to go to; cost or provide tax incentives information from local communities. Ruth Porat, the capital leader of the Alphabet of the Alphabets, said on the company's earnings call earlier this month, she expects "the level of growth in the 2011 fair in 2019."

Pichai said the plans will create ten thousands of construction jobs throughout Nebraska, Nevada, Ohio, Texas and Virginia, as well as Oklahoma and South Carolina, where there is a company already expands existing data centers. Google did not tell what new jobs would be the data centers and business offices that created.

Pichai also said that a company has a " building new office buildings in Texas and Massachusetts, building more room in Illinois, Wisconsin, Washington State and Georgia and its location. reforming places in California near Los Angeles and the Bay District, and # 39; including West Pavilion and Spruce Goose Hangar S-

Last week, the Austin-American States reported that the company's plan had one new office tower in Austin, Texas, to add about 5,000 workers. By the end of 2018, its company stated that it is a $ 1 billion deposit; for a new campus in New York City, and he said the staff declined from 7,000 at the time.

Jordan Novet CNBC added this report.

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