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Here are the best and worst times for driving during New Year's Eve according to Waze

New Year's Waze Traveling Times 2019

The New Year of the Year is happening next week and the next week will be. Most people who travel to their home next weekend. To make the best driver possible, Waze has suggested a few times of travel as well as times you should not drive this season.

Kuala Lumpur

For Kuala Lumpur, Waze recommends you to plan most of your drivers between 7-10pm for a & # 39; The first 9 days in February 2019. Most of the worst time is in the morning. For the 2nd to 4th of New Year's Eve (6-8 February), amazingly, Waze wants you to do it; avoid driving as early as 4-5am.

If you are celebrating the New Year of the Year outside Glen Klang, below the traveling hours are being taken; A proposal for choosing sections from 1 to 9 February 2019.









To explain, it is best to move around the evening and it is expected that morning will travel very much. We see it is difficult for some places, the worst time for driving is 3-6m, which is very different from the Hari Raya 2018 travel advice.

If you look at Melaka and Kuantan, it's the worst 3-4m day on its first day (5th February) of Year & New Zealand, with the best time of 7-10pm in the evening. We have reached the PR Waze team for clarification and have made sure that the information provided is correct.

Places to be missed at CNY holidays

According to Waze, most Malaisia ​​will have a & # 39; New Chinese New Year holidays cost at shopping centers and hotels and hotels later. If you're hoping to catch up with friends, & # 39; You may want to reconsider your meeting if you want to & # 39; avoid time getting involved busy. As usual, keep this season cool and drive safe.

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