How robots change their own types of surgery: Level

Dr Agnivesh Tikoo, Apollo Navi Mumbai's backbone demonstrator, shows how robot works t. [Elvis Ogina, Standard]

Mercy Wanyama Nanyanga introduced her mother to treat lung cancer in India, and she never thought she would also have been treated to get cancer growth. She gave an allergy to his neck about his neck.

“They got a cold hug, but Dr Kalpana Nagpal asked for more exams, and two weeks later, the results of the biopsy showed that I had an ungodly tumor,” said Ms Nanyanga.
It appears that the altars had been breaking a fundamental question. ”She said that if my food was to stay for a year or more then that would be turned into breast cancer, but she didn't. 39 I have felt anything, I have not even known that it was there. ”
Speaking to him Saturday Level, Nagpal, says this is common. “An android can contain one swelling, disease or disease. Most of your thyroid body is painless, so they send them to the doctor and they can be progressive. ”
The Nagpal is a senior ENT consultant, head and neck labels and robotic laboratories at Apollo's Indraprastha Hospital in New Delhi, India. As a robotic expert, she and her team offered Nanyanga a traditional robotic or robotic surgery. She chose a robotic branch, which at Sh400,000 had more advantages than traditional surgery.
Neck surgeon
Robotic head surgery and neck neck have been taking place in the last five years. “The benefits for the patient include waiting for a length of stay in hospital, lesser linguistics, blood loss, any problems and the rate of recovery is faster. There is also no breakdown of expenditure. Normally you need to cut the purk for head and neck dresses, ”explained Nagpal.
“Sometimes a robotic surgery helps to avoid chemotherapy and radiotherapy. ”
In terms of benefits to the doctor, blood is eliminated, the surgeon gets a 3D perspective and so can reach inaccessible places without providing outside cuts. 360 degree robotic weapons can evolve into arms of a human-tongue that has restrictions at the apple, elbow and shoulder.
Nanyanga surgery took between 6 and 8 hours. “I am pleased I did this because my normal surgery will leave scarves on your neck. They went through the armpit, so the servant is hidden and even that one is pulling out. It has not caused any major organs, it says.
Nagpal and other doctors from Apollo, such as Apollo Navi Mumbai's hospital, will visit Kenya periodically to keep CMEs (Continuing Education programs) in different countries in Africa and hope to take a robotic worker. Kenya, can be found in Kenya. “Together with Kenya Health Board, for the last three years we have been helping to check, and educate the public about more advanced treatments. As well as government support, we can greatly improve the health care system in Kenya, ”she said.

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