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How the ranger of Atletico will be compared to other Premier League competitors

If accounts are to be believed, Saul Niguez could be on his way to the summer Main League.

Atletico Madrid's star has been the founding side of Diego Simeone over the past seasons, but a continuing struggle to break the club's La Liga duopoly has made it difficult for them to find the best players. .

Saul is surely giving that. The 24-year-old has shown him getting over the years in the middle of Atletico park, since he broke into the teenage team.

This achievement has not passed from the attention of Manchester United and Manchester City, according to ESPN. In fact, it is likely that everyone at the Premier League has made a big impact on Saul from a distance.

With that in mind, it is worth comparing Saul with his colleagues at the Premier League. However, Saul is difficult to play as a Ranger. It is a series of box boxes to a box: it is expected to raise two prizes, it will start and be involved in attacks, going back and sometimes taking the heat away. Put simply, it has the potential to play anywhere in the middle of the park.

From this scene, we can compare Saul with a group of broad-based media. Below we explain why we set Saul's stats against the selected players and examined how the Spaniard compares with his colleagues.

Fernandinho (Man City)

The ESPN report notes that Manchester City has identified Atletico teammate Saul as a long-term place for Fernandinho. It is said that although Guardiola sees Saul as a player it can change into several positions in the middle of the park, Rodri is considered more suitable for one day instead of Fernandinho.

Accordingly, if Township is to attract Saul to Etirate, it is likely that he would often play in the place Fernandinho currently plays before the four back.

There is a need for fulsome thinking in that role, which Saul can give. It won 7.57 duels in each league 90 minutes this season, which is better than Fernandinho 6.52. It has also won greater competition for each 90 (1.69) of Fernandinho (1.62), but Brazil is reaching out to high levels with intercession, making 1.58 per 90 compared to Saul & t 1.18.

The city is worse without Fernandinho, but by Saul – though it is not a best Etihad carbon car – it is clear that the features which may have entered the main central site are obvious. T waterproof when Guardiola needs to move him this summer.

Georginio Wijnaldum (Liverpool)

Liverpool tried to solve the problem of centralized stadiums by spending much of their movement budget on Naby Keita and Fabinho. But while there are plenty of abilities in the two, Jurgen Klopp has been involved in Jordan Jordan, James Milner and Georginio Wijnaldum this term.

In fact, Wijnaldum is at the same level as Saul; he does not always sit as a deep-media player like Henderson, but that place starts in a deep situation and moves forward with the member. This is why Liverpool may be the best fit for a Premier League Club.

Wijnaldum will have a dribble average completed every 90 minutes; Saul takes it away with 1.1. Wijnaldum is more creative, creating 0.83 opportunities from open every 90's to Saul. But Saul's target of the target set at 0.35 from Wijnaldum is 0.67.

Saul also finds more common than Wijnaldum 4.32 and would certainly only be renewed for Liverpool.

Moussa Sissoko (Tottenham)

Moussa Sissoko has been exhibiting at the center of Tottenham this year, confirming that it is the box-to-box runner that Mauricio Pochettino does.

This is perhaps better illustrated by the truth that it is filling more drugs every 90 minutes (1.29) any of the mid-range players mentioned in this article, including Saul. But Sissoko's last goal was to make a loss as a player who is able to get into custodianship.

It rarely does most of the skills of getting enemies in the past and into promising areas. In a recent loss of Tottenham in Liverpool, he failed to open his account for the season on a special occasion. French has just 0.13 a picture running on the target of every 90 this season as Saul did, 0.67 visit, in four aims.

Spurs in particular don't want Sissoko to offer a threat of threat, but his doors and attacks are also going back further to Saul – more proof that Sissoko is a good midfielder with a true season t Okay, instead of an elite player.

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Aaron Ramsey (Arsenal)

With Ramsey having come into Juventus this summer, Arsenal is about to pick up a player who can do exactly everything. In that sense, he is very similar to Saul; It might be possible for both players to be changed to any given role.

However, Ramsey comes out in some areas. He has given six leagues for this season to Saul and he has created a 1.63 chance per 90 minutes, far better than 0.51.

Saul is also unfair. His accuracy is only 76.91%, less than any of the middle media players that we look at, including Ramsey (81.4%). Perhaps this should be with the style of Atletico, which is not specifically based on controlled property.

Arsenal might be looking for a better player than Saul's place, but his ability to compare with Ramsey is not comparing the two.

Nolo Kante (Chelsea)

Kante's career was described and written in the Chelsea team under the leadership of Maurizio Sarri. Kante sees it as being a great defensive area but it has been very attractive on the right, having been given permission to proceed where possible.

Again, it is a situation that Saul would get into. On the way, Chelsea went back to Saul, and he and Kante could give a mid-level partnership – although we're not sure where that would leave Jorginho, still Sarri still. next term.

Kante has been much smarter Saul this term, creating 1.3 opportunities from open play every 90 minutes for league 0.51. The French has also made greater transitions per 90 (1.2) but has won fewer attempts (1.17).

Saul may have put a little more of the Kante power, but what is Kante needed in size and status he does in determination.

Ander Herrera (Manchester United)

By revealing all the accounts, Manchester United is looking for a player who is partner Paul Pogba in the middle of next year, and Saul is shown as the best candidate.

With that in mind, it is likely that Saul would replace Ander Herrera, who is on his way out of a free moving club. United would be uplifting with Herrera with Saul, who will give everything Herrera and a few more, mostly in an attack capacity.

With that in mind, Herrera is the only player we have listed with more struggle for every 90 minutes of the league this year (1.76) than Saul. The closest player to Saul, bar Fernandinho, is the entrant to the winning trilogy (5.64).

The fascinating middle of three of Shaul, Pogba and Nemanja Matic is undoubtedly a horrible sight for United, so their hilarious interest in Saul makes a lot of sense.

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