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How to protect the fourth and final stages of the Prisoner Fortnite skin

The fourth and final phase of the Prisoner Fortnite Season 7 skin can now be locked by the completion of a fireplace near Leaving Woods.

It is likely that Park v7.40 has been put into force on this Challenge as the debating situation was not available before the upgrade and the players have now been found.

Compared to the previous stages, level 4 is very simple to complete and only requires the visitor to visit a specific place and the previous stages have been opened.

Prisoner Level 4 Site Solution from r / FortNiteBR

When you enter the ritual cycle the pyres will be lit on fire, one by one. Then the printer will create a vibrant effect around it because it is a & # 39; going to the final stage.

The innate position is located to the north east of Wailing Woods, in the upper left corner of the map that sits between two small hills. The table below shows where you go.

Once the ritual is finished after about 5 seconds (all current players) the 4th level will be fitted as the player's current skin.

Remember not to leave a & # 39; game after completing this query, the player needs to die by a & # 39; kill suicide, storm, or enemy player for his / her.

It is recommended that players play a " try here and start at & # 39; As a result of the challenge of the challenge, players can end it then and then. Come to An Block or Wood Wailing Woods to keep their game on & # 39; go.

What ideas do you have on? fourth and final phase of Prisoner skin?

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