Hoya announces a Military List by letter written by hand to employers

Hoya will join the army on 7 February.

He named his military application for his official café with his boat on 5 February with a handwritten letter.

Here is the full letter:

Hello, this is Hoya.

He has already been in the month since 2019, and a Lunar Year is around his corner.

Are you getting good holidays? She has been nine years since I went out. There are time flies, is not it? I think I had the 20s so full of the love of fans who did not; can explain [my time] without it. I was very happy because of HOLY [fan club name]I'm sorry for you to give me memories that I can not forget it for a long time.

In fact, I write this letter to tell you some good news today. I'll go to the army after this holiday. I'm sorry for all my amazing fans that are amazing with the news. However, as this is my responsibility as a citizen, I spent my time to become more dignified than I am now. I hope you're all happy with a & # 39; waiting for me. I'll go back well. When we meet again, I will welcome you as a better person. Thank you always, and I love you.


Lee Howon [Hoya’s real name]

Hoya was presented as a member of INFINITE in 2010, leaving the group in August 2017, and currently works as a solo artist and actor.

We wish everything best for him!

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