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Infinity War & Gets Mashed Up With & # 39; The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel & # 39;

The Avengers have been, well, taken out when Thanos put his fingers into Avengers: Infinity War, And maybe new warriors need to be at Earth's warriors to help them; Troubleshooting world-wide threats – and we do not mean a & # 39; Captain Marvel. There is another hero that the Avengers need and she is, very well, very spectacular.

In a new video from Funny Or Die, Amazon & Mrs. Maisel was wonderful accompanying the Avengers & # 39; in their fight to save the world and although its power is not so great on how good it is; is Thor or Iron Iron, Mrs. Maisel at Rachel Brosnahan is really giving something to the team. You can look at "Mrs. Maisel Marvel" above.

As you can see, the video featuring the Amazon series will be about Miriam "Midge" Maisel, a lady-in-house in 1958 in New York City; continues his position in a stable comedy with the Marvel World-wide films and today we can not help but It's surprising that Ms. Maisel had been involved with the team Infinity War if Thanos had been successful afterwards. Or Fury could not have been sent by Miss Maisel instead of her emergency call instead; Captain Marvel.

Although fans may be able to; Think of things that might look like things, they also have a & # 39; wondering what the MCU might look like. Captain Marvel did it every time ago Avengers: Age of UltronSouth-West In an interview with Birth.Movies.Death a few years ago, Kevin Feige, head of Marvel Studios, explained that Captain Marvel appeared almost in the religious scene after The Age of Ultron, but put the decision on the end that it would be "unhappy" to the character and not to; bringing her into the right way.

"There were versions that people could get ready and read early there were some characters – and maybe others, but indeed one, it is That's why it's dangerous to read scripts early, and talk about it early, "said Feige S-iar"[Captain Marvel] in draft. But for me, it would have been unhappy with that character, to meet it in full, in uniform and part of the Avengers already when 99 percent of the audience, & # 39 ; Who is that? & # 39; Not just the way we did before. "

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Marvel Cinematic World's ultimate landscape continues to Captain Marvel, opening in the 8th March theater.


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