Kang Han Returning to Fantagio After certain Conditions

The actor Kang Han has not returned to Fanning after almost a year of legal dispute over his treaty.

On March 28, Fantagio published an article saying, “Kang Han Na and Fanning have resolved our misconception through many meetings and many discussions and we have come to an agreement.”

Kang Han published his statement, “I am sorry to bother my supporters and Fantagio. Through our many recent debates, we have managed to solve the misunderstanding caused by lack of communication. I am grateful for the understanding and modesty of Fanning and I will be paid back through working hard on my projects. ”

Fantagio accepted the apology and said, “Rather than blaming for the past, we will turn to a new page and we will do our best to support the work of Kang Han. We do not keep providing physical and mental support to us so that its successes can be successful. ”

Kang Han completed the first completion information in 2018 after the JC Group became Fantagio's largest shareholder and the co-leadership of By Byung Jun was burned. Then sign Kang Han Then by STARDUM, a new group run by The Byung Jun, but the group proclaimed that it would take legal action against it.

In February 2019, the Korean Commercial Arrangement Board ruled that the special treaty between Kang Han Na and Fanning was still valid.

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