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Kate Middleton's news: Prince Charlie's speech: and Kate CRY & # 39; | Royal Mail News

But his best speech was at Buckingham Palace's wedding ceremony which prompted Kate to “cheer”.

In his book “Kate: A Biography”, royal author Marcia Moody gives more information about the Duke of Sussex's commemorative lecture.

Ms Moody tells how Harry said: “I know I'm very familiar with Kate but now she is getting part of the family I am looking forward to getting it under my shield – or it will take you with me. perhaps.

“She is a really good girl. It is in fact.

“That is very lucky, and she is very lucky that my brother is there.

“I think they are both a perfect game. ”

He said: “William had no romantic bone in his body before he met Kate, and I knew that it was very heavy when William suddenly slipped down her phone. ”

Ms Moody continued: “Kate got hold of him all day, but her eyes looked through the speeches.

“Harry also entertained the guests with his brother, and worried him about his romantic style and the hair.

“He also said how proud their mother would be.”

Royal photographer Katie Nicholl will also study the lecture's details, in her book “Harry: Life, Loss and Love” in 2017. t

Ms Nicholl wrote: “He put a big hand on William.

“When Harry said it was a long-term inspiration for two years than Chelsy, Chelsy (Davy) had a shy laugh, while Kate chased him. "

Ms Nicholl will also bring a good series from Harry's humorous talk.

She said: “It is famous for fun and Harry put his brother out for Ceit‘ Babykins, to laugh from the guests. ”

However, it states that at the time Chelsy Davy, Harry's boyfriend, was destroyed by line.

Ms Nicholl wrote: “She had helped Harry to speak at the best, advice carefully to a line whose legs legs put him to death 'Kate who could shake the wife.”

As well as the lecture, Prince Harry also took on the role of Kate's sister, Pippa Middleton, in “transforming the King's Chamber at Buckingham Palace” to nightclub, where he switched disco dances from the bowls. glass with Kate and William's Haribo sweets.

Ms Nicholl writes: “Harry was thrilled to be working as ceremonial master and made sure everyone was getting a good time.” T

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