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Kg Pass is grateful to Streram for the bus stop

Pollan RANTAU | There are over 20 families living in the Kampung Pasir Airport, in Seremban, freed and most grateful, when the demand for a city bus stop was completed with the help of Pakistan t Harapan.

The 15-year wait of the residents came to an end when Harrapie received the candidate for the forthcoming by-election Dr S Streram, raised within two weeks by improving his RM8,000 of his money. their own way.

Nicholas, 56, who has been living in the town since 1985, was moved by Streram activity to help the Kampung Pasir Airport residents, as one of the minority groups in the Rantau division.

The stopping of the 10 x 12ft bus, top and blue in color, not only meant that residents had public transport but also provided shelter for children. the school bus was waiting when it was raining.

“Think the bus stop closest to our town is at a distance of around 1.2 kilometers we have made the request many times, but in a poem” he said. T Bernama today.

Another resident, U Karunash, 36, said that he was sad about the ones who were abandoned by the previous government.

He asked if this was because the population, the majority of whom had the low income group, were living in the oil palm estates, that was the reason. for noting their demand.

“People are not wealthy here, and families rely heavily on the bus to go to the city. Don't worry about not wanting to complain about the old government, the important thing is that we are grateful to the people who are willing to listen to our voices, ”he said.

Streram said that it was Harapan's fundamental principle which always set the cause of the people in principle.

“As a responsible party (Harapan) we look after the interests of the people, although the request is small but it makes a big difference… until the people enjoy an enjoyable job. T the government of Harapan, ”he said.

Streram, deputy head of Rembau PKR, said that if Rantes wanted to change, power was always in their hands.

The Rantau state collection on 13 April sees a four-torrent fight between Streram, Umno the acting President of Mohamad Hasan and two independent candidates, R Malar and Mohd Nor Yassin.


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