Klopp is used to win offside goals – Pellegrini

After bringing West Ham home to Liverpool on Monday, Manuel Pellegrini ruled a ruthless crown against the head of Reds, Jurgen Klopp.

Liverpool Jurgen Klopp manager is used to win offside goals, according to Manuel Pellegrini.

West Ham ran the Reds to draw 1-1 at the London Park on Monday after the defeat of the Opening of the Sadio Mane.

But Mane's visit should not be counted as James Milner did not get out of bed; best, and Liverpool could have won over the prize through the Origi Occupation, who was also outside.

Pellegrini was left with arbitrary conclusions and named the Scottish League finalist, where Borussia Dortmund Kupp was deflected to challenge Malaga.

Fighting whistle feared Klopp and was involved in an exchange with Pellegrini and team of Kevin Friend's game officers before leaving the field.

And Pellegrini was reporting rapidly last year in 2013 when he appeared in a news conference after her. game.

"Does not matter [what was said], Klopp is being used to win [with] Outside goals, "said Pellegrini.

"He hit me against Malaga with Borussia Dortmund with seven meters away from the side, so he can not make a complaint about anything."

West Ham had lost the three games lost in all competitions and Pellegrini was pledged to show more consistency after a pleasing show against the league leaders.

"I was pleased to achieve it because I thought we had played a good game, but I've been impressed by the result because they visited a very obvious visit," said Pellegrini.

"We lost three or four opportunities, especially in the first 35 minutes, which could be completed by our game. We missed these opportunities and we played in a game which we could win.

"We played with the speed we've shown in other games again. In the Premier League you can not play anyone against the game if you do not play high speed.

"If you give time and place for players, they make good choices and seek goals. We'll work the same tonight as we have done against Arsenal, but we created more opportunities.

"Then we lost three games away from home but I think the team we have seen today is the team we need to see from here until the end of the season. "

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