Malaysia golf player died with natural reasons in Sanya, said the coronation report

Mrs Arie Irawan, Wan Edna Marina Wan Malik (second from the left), at the funeral ceremony at Bukit Kiara cemetery, Kuala Lumpur today. (Bernama pic)

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian golf player Arie Irawan suddenly died in sleep of natural causes without drugs or toxins, the PGA-China Tour Series said today.

The announcement came when friends and family held a service for the 28-year-old in Kuala Lumpur today, after his arrival from Sanya, where he died on Sunday.

Istanan, who had been lost at Sanya's contest, was found unsuitable by his attendant on Sunday morning and could not be revived.

After the family, who wanted back Irawan's body for Muslim rituals, wanted to do so, no autopsy was made, but the toxicity of the PGA-China Tour revealed it.

“The police and the last report that the death of Irawan was a sudden death from natural causes was asleep in the hotel,” said the visit in recitation.

Irawan spent his last night with friends, having had dinner and played video games, the commentary said.

He has found his roomkeeper, Kevin Techakanokboon, at Thailand. The other Women's Shotaro player tried to do ephemeral revival (CPR) before medical officers came.

“This has been a terrible accident that will affect everyone involved in the PGA-China Tour Series,” said Greg Carlson, the tour's operations director.

“We had a great relationship with Arie and we miss her greatly.

“We feel for his family and we wish they can do the best thing as they miss in the future.” T

Silent players will hold a minute before the Haikou competition this week, and will promote 'ARIE' sticks as a reward during the competition.

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