Marvel What do I do for the Falcon & Winter Soldier?

Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes in the Captain America: Civil War

Let's go for a trip together. I, like many, spent the night staying with the truth that we're officially getting Falcon & Winter Soldier Disney + after being launched in November. A happy birthday to me! But that experience comes with fear. From the films we've seen, Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson have both interesting moves. When they are not fighting against a common enemy, they are usually fighting with each other.

Two teams with best friend, Sam and Bucky have always had a relationship of love / hatred which looks at the comedy. But if we are not careful, that relationship can easily go from love / hatred to pissing competition between two awards. So, it might be that the manuscript itself comes with a female handwriting. (Also, bring in more female writers at least, Marvel expensive. It's wild that you can count the number of female writers who are employed by Marvel on one hand. Indeed, it's more likely to be so impressive Lindsey Beer, Geneva Robertson-Dworet, and Nicole Perlman started their own production company “Known Universe” to protest at the loss of women writing in genre fields.) t

It's not as we are there. We do. I know many women who have a greater knowledge of folklore and history of comics and are very talented writers. I know people who spent every year since then iron Man immersed in the heads of these characters in their respective numbers. So, with the Marvel Disney + displays, I hope they start to solve the gender inequality problem where writers have a responsibility. I am sure I would be happy to be part of the solution (and that is why I am writing this article), but at the same time there is no reason why the rooms should be bothered. authors are so heavy.

Everything that has been said, I believe there is a beautiful arc that you can do Falcon & Winter Soldier, t showing the legacy of these two characters as well as their mutual respect, even if they would not be able to stand on the other side. It's a beautiful balance, but it can be done.

Personally, I hope they change Kyle Higgins Winter Soldier a comic strip for involvement in the exhibition, amendments to the sides so that it sits within the Marvel Cinematic Universe but gives Falcon and Buidhe a reason, as well as a breast-breast. yet, they need to be free from a common understanding of Hydra (you know, because Hydra, at least to our knowledge, has broken the experience of the MCU).

So, what playground do I have to write for the exhibition? Two small scenes that could have been part of a piloting and / or later times that show these characters in the correct form, although they are not usually reduced to jokes or being struck off; As we saw in the films we became more and more self-sufficient.

First, Sam tries to frighten him:


BARNY BUCKY sits at the bar, looking at the glass of whiskey with grain. SAM WILSON introduces, looks around until he takes refuge and rolls his eyes once he does so.


How did I know if I found you here drinking that is not doing anything to you?


It makes me feel routine.


You have a metal arm.

Bucky doesn't answer, just spinning his glass around the bar.


Right. Remember that many words are a word.

The two men are quiet.


You know what is in the opinion?


I can only think.


When were you last time … you know.

Bucky stops to spin around, lifting his machair on Sam.


That's what I thought.

Sam looks around the bar and shows a woman.


Miss, did you meet my friend here?

The WOMAN look at each other, turn back to their friends and notice them.


Wow, what are your big clicks.

Sam is quiet. A yellow dog.


Very funny, asshole.

And as well as these two characters fighting, they have one main territory: Steve Rogers. That's the best friend they have and even if they are fighting and trying to compete with each other, they don't want to hit Cap. So think, if you, your two men over all programs, will fail with their dreams because they will not be able to release the other award and when they understand the problem, then Bucky just says to Sam: t

Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) is waiting to wake Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) in Captain America: The Winter Soldier

I think the method of making a program like this work understands that these characters have a heart – that is why they love their favorite. Certainly Sam Wilson always has something right, but a character behind the character has to do anything for the people around or about the world. Even as Vision is why Rhodey is falling into her paralysis, Sam is the first one and he's happy to ask Tony about the question. Sam has recognized his loss and loss of life and learned to help others deal with their own.

The tragic boy is still at Bucky, although he was not a comic characters of any size, from Brooklyn status to the 1940s. It comes back, learning how in the real world, and with a modern and fun person like Sam, they can grow in characters in an interesting way.

Occasionally there can be times of confusion and times to make us cry. So I can see what I can see easily and perhaps cry and write:


We can see inside the barn that is on the ground where Sam and Bucky live. Once they failed, Sam never saw anyone getting anywhere in any way he walked, seeing Bucky standing in front of a bag pulling out of him. and show each new blow.

Silently, he moves to Tacky, waiting till he stopped to take his bag and hold it for him. For another second, Bucky just stands for Sam.


Go on then.

Bucky is quiet, without moving.


Destroy it.

You don't have to be told twice, getting out in your bag for a few times! Finally, he stops, looking at Sam slightly out of breath.


Don't say anything?


Figured I'm writing a note on your book.

Bucky looks at him for minutes as he moves to a bit harder.


You know that if I click this with my full power, it will show it to pieces and you will fly over the barn, right?


Listen, Ice Box, I'm very good. Just remove it and don't be embarrassed.

For the first time, Bucky is laughing, shouting before he returns the notes he holds.


I know that you are a godder soldier. You and Steve never remember me.


We never gave it.


It is included in the sub-list.

Bucky will pass the eyes, hitting the bag again.


That I am excited Falcon & Winter Soldier Today the era is now. I really like these two characters and I often go into MCU films knowing that they are going to be scarce. I don't care how much time they get – I am glad to see what Sam has to say or what Bucky is trying to remember for her. 39: go. The idea that they would feel like a series of their own lives is therefore a gift that cannot come quickly enough. T In the meantime, Marvel is calling me.

If you have been writing for the upcoming Marvel Disney + exhibitions (Loki, Falcon & Winter Soldier, WandaVision, Hawkeye) which story would you like to tell? If you think you will be part of the ideas about yourself.

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