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Medicine Alzheimer's: Breakthrough to come after a medical test in Perth

One pillar in Western Australia could be the best solution to Alzheimer's disease and finally millions of lives saved.

The blind disease attacks the brain, changing memory and carrying behavior.

There's no cure for Alzheimer's which is the leading cause of death in Australia, and affects about 50 million people worldwide.

media_cameraAlzheimer's disease affects patients' memory and behavior.

The pile is magnificent, with Xanamem name, working by target and depleting cortisol, the hormone made in the body when a person is pressed.

High levels of cordisia in the brain can develop Alzheimer's disease, which is why researchers have aimed to reduce the production of the enzyme in the brain.

media_cameraThe Xanamem pills could cure Alzheimer's disease. Photo: 7 News

Linear Hatchuel, director of Linear's medical director, told me that News researchers “had great hope” that Xanamem would aim to develop a patient's understanding as well as Alzheimer's disease they live.

“We have a reason to believe that it's not only will he break the side of Alzheimer's, but if he might stop the victory,” said Dr Hatchuel.

“It has the potential to change the lives of 50 million people around the world, which is absolutely great.”

media_cameraDr Lara Hatchuel said she had high hopes for the Xanamem test. Photo: 7 News

Alton Tebbutt, 62, gives Xanamem every day for 12 weeks and tells 7 News that he is taking the test to help his health and the health of his son, Dylan, t develop a disease.

Dylan lives with schizophrenia and knows that medicines encourage Alzheimer's early.

“A few light bulbs went out in my brain saying‘ You have to do that ', ”said Mr Tebbutt to 7 News.

media_cameraAlton Tebbutt is taking part in the exam. Photo: 7 News

Acute brain disease is the most common reason for dementia, which makes up to 80 per cent of 425,000 dementia cases in Australia.

“Without medical progress, the number of people with dementia is expected to exceed 1,100,000 by 2056,” reported by Linear.

There is currently any treatment available to people who live with Alzheimer's and just get “short-term symbolic treatment”.

“There are no drugs that can treat the disease directly,” said the statement.

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