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Ninja and co. win the Apex Legends Twitch Rivals competition after an end to end

The first Apex Legends competition ended with one of the most craziest competitions we saw in a good time, as Ninja, King Richard and Dizzy killed in the last minutes for his & # 39; win.

Throughout the entire four-hour competition, showing some of the best places in North America, both King's Canyon (Ninja, KingRichard, and Dizzy ) and Reid's Money Team (Chocotaco, Vsnz, and Huskerrs) for their main place on the papers.

The teams went into the final game of the competition just a few different points and the King's Canyon came to an end with the achievement of a monster for his / her. Save the effects with all 13 to win and 355 a & # 39; killed for 420 points in total.

King & Canan won his case on his & her; first Apex Legends competition.

Although many of the catalysts of royalty compete show a group of players who play a " fighting each other in the same lobby, his first Apex Legends competition was a " Introducing distributors that were filled into public lobbies and its contents. so many people killed.

Unbelievably, all those teams put on an amazing exhibition that often left the prosecutors very much on what they were doing. see.

Perhaps the most amazing thing was, however, that the King's Battle was a great deal. get to the bottom of the impact in the # 39; Last game they spent over the Reid Money Team with just one point.

Perhaps there have been a number of amazing events throughout the evening, but none were better than those seen by NRG Esports, and # 39; first Apex Legends for Dizzy.

Playing on a team with the challengers of battle kings such as Ninja and King Richard, Dizzy had no problem on being able to play. make his mark about each lobbying they put in.

Across the entire tournament, Apex Legends was very comfortable sitting on the Twitch roof with over 600,000 spectators completely, again saying that it has a platform on the platform in these early days of distribution.

It will tell time if Apex Legends persists with this kind of success, but it is certain that the power seems to be; It may be possible to leave a permanent idea of ​​the playground.

The second half of the Apex Legends x Twitch Rivals collaboration will take place on 19 February starting at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET / 5 PM GMT.

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