Putrajaya is right in confirming ICERD, saying intellectual

Islamic Revival The basis of Ahmad Farouk Musa's face is to establish that correct groups are in place; Try to use ICERD to create conflicts and corrections with the hidden document that is displayed; abolish the government.

PETALING JAYA: Putrajaya made the right decision in deciding against her & her; International Conjugation Concerning the Abolition of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD) as peace and sustainability are "very important", says Islamic Revival founder Ahmad Farouk Musa .

Farouk, a recognized academic for his advanced and advanced ideas, also said he had seen this.

"In a few weeks ago, the government was trying to consolidate ICERD, among other UN idiomaticities, and I think it was committed to & # 39; do that.

"This type of growth has been made from the promise because it seems that Malay groups were right, especially as Kuasa 3 Gagas, trying to bring genital hatred and blood by reminding memories of 13 May's riots. "

According to this, Farouk said that Putrajaya made the correct decision to confirm ICERD.

"These are the right organizations that are trying to create anxiety and distress by a hidden agenda to abolish the government."

Pàdang Rengas at Umno, MP MP Nazi Aziz, thanked the First Minister, Dr Mahathir Mohamad, for a decision against ICERD's reinforcement.

"We know that Mahathir has never been pushed. We are happy because ICERD is not needed.

"There is proof that it is expected to eliminate the special rights of the Malaysian and Sabah and Sarawak people. If the government does not aim to eliminate these special rights, ICERD does not need to be reinforced . "

PAS Youth Leader, Muhammad Khalil, Abdul Hadi said Putrajaya decided to "influence" for Islam, Malays and Bumiputeras.

"PAS did not fulfill our responsibility for our religion and nation only in the fight against the consolidation.

"This should be a warning to Pakatan Harapan that PAS Youth will not be silent when it comes to protecting Islam, Malaysian and Bumiputeras."

Ambassador Umno, Mohamad Hasan, said it was good that the government had recognized that ICERD does not benefit any and does not just have it; creating unbelievers in the country.

He said that the government needs to decide the benefits and disasters to ensure that public order and national security are protected.

"Yes, foreign countries suggest us (if Malala had confirmed the ICERD) but since 1969 we did not name the contract and we had no problem."

He said that ICERD's trade was reinforced but did not implement it, disturbed a boycott with other countries.

Siti Kasim: Now for Mahathir to do this

Siti Kasim, a legal lawyer, has pledged himself openly to the ICERD and attempted to say that he would have opposed the previous Constitution of the Force, said he was struggling to make Mahathir.

"This is what Tun said internationally, that our country will confirm ICERD.

"It's really uncertain to hear this. I think Tun should get advice from others instead of listening to PAS and Umno.

"They (PAS and Umno) just travel to ICERD for their own agenda. So, I'm just feeling that Tun has been inspired by whoever does not It's encouraging us that Tun, out of her blue, has made this decision.

"Are we going to the Islamists and Ketuanan Melayu? Where is our Baru Malaysia?

"Many have come out saying that ICERD will not leave Malay's rights. It's a Tun that said we will consolidate the principles of international rights.

"I think it's been moved to come out with this statement.

"I think we should meet Tun. He needs to listen to both sides, especially academics and lawyers. It's a sad day for Malaysia . I'm very sad, "she said.

At the same time, Jerald Joseph, a commissioner of the Human Rights Commission of Malawi (Suhakam) said that the country needs real leaders to stand up "against the full of political terrorism on ICERD."

He said Foreign Minister Saifuddin Abdullah, Minister of Prime Minister's Department, P Waytha Moorthy, and de facto religious affairs minister, Mujahid Yusof Rawa, said very few statesmen "who can tell the truth to the powers that are ".

He said it was there that Pakatan Harapan's leaders awoke and remembered the changes that reviewed Malaysia.

"It's a new hope in a PH that Malaysia can bring to a newer height. However, these commitments can increase the status of Malaysia to stand up in the world. internationally and including Malayas out of a racial framework, which was an old-century cornerstone of the old government.

"The integrity of this new government is bent on keeping pledges. It's time that leaders are bold and confident. This is going to go to # 39; Malaysian decoration, as early as its new government.

"At the General Assembly of Scotland, Mahathir promised the world to endorse the remaining rights contracts," said Jerald, refers to the United Nations Universal Time Review. It was part of Malay's production there.

& # 39; Being & # 39; unhappy unhappiness & # 39;

Human rights lawyer N Surendran said the decision will not endeavor to confirm ICERD after "politically misleading and arguments with Umno and PAS as well as the correct anti-ICERD counterparts.

"The petition that Article 153 had to be changed without any purpose and this is again marked. It does not affect Islam; a large number of OC countries have confirmed a biography.

"The government is really overwhelmingly fading and confronting as much as possible to confirm its previous determination.

"The government failed and government leaders to show moral leadership when most of them needed.

"Some PHP directors who are very tall to abandon a ship and want to defer their registration. This is what happened to & # 39 ; after taking the ICERD government thereafter.

"We can not verify this fundamental contraception against racism that relies Malaysia into a natural and internationally. Worst, what it says about myself as people? "

Human rights group Pusat Komas, Ryan Chua's program manager, has many ideas and ideas on ICERD's confirmation and that Pakatan Harapan's government has fallen for the strong and high emotions of the ICERD opponents.

"What happened to the consultation with a range of stakeholders committed to take place in the fourth quarter of 2019?

"In addition, Waytha Moorthy also said in the Parliament that ICERD does not breach Article 153. So why is the big decision?

"Again, Pakatan Harapan's government failed to fulfill its election promise."

Earlier today, Putrajaya said he would not endorse ICERD, as a major challenge from Malay organizations and political parties that warned that the global consensus was a threat to the Malayian provenance policy policy.

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