Qualcomm is again watching iPhone sales products

Qualcomm is again: it again requires rulers to stop some iPhones in the United States.

Qualcomm previously asked the International Trade Commission to suspend the sale of certain iPhones in the United States because the tools are invalid. uses an Intel modem that will break its patents. That effort failed, but with a successful barrier to China and Germany behind, Qualcomm is try again.

Apple recently told the ITC judge that he had found a software search for Qualcomm's patent protection technologies and asked him – and he rejoiced six months when he made the the necessary changes. Therefore, Qualcomm uses Apple's previous arguments against that, saying that Apple had said that there was no way to qualify Qualcomm technologies, just to find it worried when the ITC of control against Apple.

"[The judge] praising the cure against his / her opinion [Qualcomm] it would be patent to block Apple from a & # 39; Using Intel as a provider for many years and was not able to redesign, "Qualcomm qualifies to read." Apple is now over seven months after listening – the unexpected crimes are completely avoided. "

In fact, Qualcomm is asking that the previous decision is to gives six months of Apple to restrict use, and as a result will block Apple iPhone model sales based on Intel hardware hard modem. That includes all modern iPhones, such as the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR.

If Apple has been searching for a fixed software work, the suspension could be short-term, and may assume that it is no longer a & # 39 ; break on Qualcomm patterns. However, the ITC had also said it was careful that he was "monopoly" on his & # 39; industry on the sale of smartphones in the US, whatever it means. And that was a conservation competition, in which; This case in smartphone models, on a public.

With that reasoning, I think it's OK to go to; Breach of the law in the name of his competition now. That thinking would usually welcome Chinese-based smartphones with China as Huawei and Xiaomi, making a normal copy of Apple, Samsung, and other companies.

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