"Sub 19" Appears to 9 final Members; to learn

On 9 February, the program of the "Live 19" at the SMB came to an end.

During the program, the MCs indicated that the name of its first final group, with 9 members, 1THE9.

Lee Seunghwan's & # 39; First elected member and said, "I do not think this is the end, but a new start, so I will work hard. I will work hard to love my people pay. "

At the end, there was an exhibition for place No. 1 between Jung Jinsung and Jeon Doyum. Jeon Doyum said, "I'm really weird. I'm very grateful" and Jung Jinsung said, "Thank you with the supporters that made us go ahead."

At the end, Jeon Doyum was selected as a No. 1 place and so mid 1E9. He said, "I am extremely grateful that people have given me love, although I'm missing in many ways. I am grateful to the staff for constantly making amazing broadcasts . I want to say all the competitors are working hard. "

Kim Junseo was the last ball chosen for the highest levels, hunting tears and said, "I am grateful for the supporters here, to the other competitors, and to my parents and teachers. "

Here are the last 9 members of "Sub 19":

  1. Jeon Doyum (center)
  2. Jung Jinsung
  3. Kim Taewoo
  4. Shin Yechan
  5. Jeong Taekhyeon
  6. Yoo Yongha
  7. Sungwon Park
  8. Lee Seunghwan
  9. Kim Junseo

You can view "under 19" on Viki below:

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