The big Chinese companies embodied the world's businesses

CRRC, the world's largest train maker, is not the only business exile from China. (AFP pic)

PARIS: It was frightened to be ruled by a Chinese fairy who attempted to make major French and German railway companies get involved in creating a European business force.

Unified by Alstom and Siemens was circulated by the European Union on Thursday, but there is no concern about the enormous power of Chinese companies that are often supported by a state but limited to the railway industry.

Here are some of the areas in which Chinese companies manage a great part of the global marketplace:

CRRC is the biggest support of China's world-class train maker, with locomotives and cards arranged worldwide from Boston to Philadelphia, Cambodia to Colombia, and -achannach a & # 39; including London's fascinating suburbs and German Deutsche Bahn.

The annual revenue of 26 billion euro is only more than three Bombardier, Siemens and Alstom, which includes the west, and, including around nine billion a year.

ChemChina grew up with one of the world's seeds and food poisoners when he got Syngenta's insects from Switzerland for $ 43 billion in 2017, putting the competition with Monsanto and DowDupont .

This is still the largest exporter with a Chinese company, leading to the purchase of US $ 15.1 billion of the Nexen Canada Energy by the CNAOC state oil company in 2013.

ChemChina also manages Pirelli and the German machinery company KraussMaffei.

The National Nuclear Corp. (CNNC) was run by the Hualong One nuclear reagent state that was developed locally in 2015 to compete with the French and US models, and # 39 ; sold to Argentina and Pakistan.

The makers of Jinko, Trina and Solar Chinese solar panels affect their & # 39; global marketplace.

And Chinese oil companies – CNOOC, CNPC and Sinopec – are very much invested even though the global campaigns are going to " cut cutting.

Comac is making an assault engineer in China expecting to; His first passenger jet was delivered to a buyer in 2021, as he attempts to challenge the leadership of Boeing and Airbus.

The company says that he received a thousand orders for his 168-seat C919 plane.

Most of the state-owned COFCO food, & # 39; growing in the world's commercial trade after buying agricultural joy trading Singapore Noble trader as well as Nidera in Holland.

China's WH Group became the world's largest pig producer in 2013, when it bought a larger bulk of the US and the hot dog producer Smithfield Foods Inc.

Founded by a Chinese university student in 2006, DJI has been a world-class high-tech drummer with 70% of the market, French competitory parrot.

Smart phones
Smartphone tellers make a bigger bar of the global market, with Huawei at 15%, Xiaomi 8.7% and Oppo 8.1%.

30% of the phone sales with Huawei and Oppo last year, which impacted on a downward trend that hit Apple and Samsung's opponents.

Home appliances
Haier Group China is the world's leading manufacturer of home appliances with around 10% of the market, leading to Whirlpool and Electrolux initiatives.

Haier bought even the arms of a large US device, General Electric in 2016.

The Chinese CATL company, which supplies batteries for Volkswagen, Ford and Daimler car titanes, struggle with Japan Panasonic for the world's litter bundle bar at its main location.

Its production capacity will increase back to 2020 due to a new mammoth factory in China, and the company has called a large factory in Germany to provide European customers.

Cosco is the third-state organization of the third largest shipping company in the world with 50 vessels worldwide, including Piraeus to Greece and Bilbao in Spain.

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