The DAP man is asking Pahang to stop getting rid of clearances, to offer his way out; for farmers

Tanah's chairman Rata Chiong Yoke Kong has called on the Pahang government who is managed by BN to ban the overthrow of Highland farmers in the Cameron Highlanders and to give them a suitable evacuation plan.

Kenny said this is the second phase of implementation, with 50 farms involved, starting on 11 April.

In the first phase, 61 farms set up the river from Sungai Ichat were dismissed from the area and the government of Pahang said there was a need to stop the Kuala Terla catchment. from further pollution.

“By seeing how the state government's behavior has caused uncertainty among Highland farmers, I want the state authorities to return enforcement action and discuss issues like this. kept by farmers, so a solution is likely to be found.

“As well as enforcement, the state authorities should provide a means of 'eviction' from former farmers,” he said in a statement today.

We are not taking risks;

Chiong said that these farmers were not disturbing him but, instead, they have been raised a “short time” in the Cameron Highlanders for many years.

He also said the Pahang government did not give a clear explanation of the clearances, and stated that there were “erroneous statements” of the temporary operating licenses (TOLs) issued to farmers.

“The state authority acknowledged that the earliest TOL was issued in 1993, but we can still confirm that there were farmers who received their TOL in 1971, or 48 years ago.

“Why are they making unfortunate claims against these farmers? Has a decision to take an enforcement action been undertaken in a thorough evaluation?

“Does it aim to drag the farmer's names so that they don't get the condolences of the window?” He said.

Eye impression Malaysiakini it showed that one of the TOLs was issued in 1971. The verification of the document is still to be confirmed.

Chiong was referring to the issue of the abolition of Highland farmers in the Cameron Highlanders, Pahang Menteri near Wan Rosdy Wan Ismail (USA) tsection below) they said they were polluted Sungai Ichat – one of the rivers that provide water for residents.

Wan Rosdy had therefore said that the state had its own state there is no choice continuing the enforcement activities against farms set up river from the river.

This was debate Deputy First Minister II P Ramasamy, arguing that the farmers who had affected the land were for over 60 years.

He also announced that Sungai Terla is the source of water for residents, not Sungai Ichat.

The move, Ramasamy said, that he was encouraged politically as it was said that it was the farmers who supported Patagra Harapan in the recent by-election of the Cameron Highlanders. "

These claims were later she was stopped And the prophet said, there was little evidence that the farmers had been there for more than six decades, saying that TOLs had only been given to the farmers twenty years ago.

Wan Rosdy also said that Sungai Ichat and Sungai Terla are raw water for the water supply of Kuala Terla.

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