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Fans want a news story about one of the biggest PS4 events yet to receive straightforward news.

According to Sony PlayStation, the last part of “is coming fast” which means the release date of 2019 will be released.

The technical dictionary still remains very close to their plans for giant first party messages, with Days Gone opening.

At the same time, titles like The Last of Us 2 and Death Stranding give very little release date.

The good news is that the recent PlayStation update can have caused something quickly published.

The official PlayStation sites saw a recent change by The Last Of Us 2 to the “Coming Soon” games list.

And although this may not be a positive verification that Sony has appeared all over the Naughty Dog project, the games on display will be in an interesting list.

It includes Days Gone, Rage 2, Mortal Kombat 11 and Control amongst others, some of which were released later this month.

So if the Last of Us 2 is placed in the same category as those now released, aren't that good for gamekeepers planning to play this year?

There are a number of low emissions which have suggested that the Last of Us 2 could arrive at different times in 2019.

A recent recent sale suggested that it could take place in October, while others have been connecting closer to the Spring.

Sony is not afraid to launch games outside busy months' holidays; God arrived in April 2018, while Marvel's Spider-Man was visiting the shelves in September.

So, although the date of October's release is sure to feel very, there is no official record that it takes place that month.

It should also be noted that this is not from Sony and you should bring it in with a pin of salt.

The new advert is coming too short also raises questions about a recent live stream event for Sony.

This included all the latest information from the company but it did not cover a lot in the way forward with major SEN statements.

Gone Days were introduced, but that makes sense because it will be released later this month.

He raises questions about how Sony will run the next event, as E3 will not have the company this year.

Could we see another Play State, dedicated to the sequel Dog Naughty, which is announced in the weeks ahead?

Followers need to monitor anything that is lost by Sony PlayStation.

This is the latest information shared with Naughty Dog on The Last of Us 2, which hopes to significantly develop what was available in the first game.

“In The Last of Us Part II, Ellie is now 19 years and she has noticed that there is peace and humor living in Jackson, a message from Naughty Dog.

She has the opportunity to become a teenager and create lasting relationships. When a violent act of that peace works, Ellie is pushed into the brutal trail of inheritance, guided by the need to introduce those who have harmed him, pushing to his borders. .

“From where Ellie plays the way she travels through this hostile world you will feel that she is feeling physical, emotional and mental through all sides. game.

“We will be completely refreshed our engine, improved new tactics, created new analogue stealth systems, and renewed our animation system to great encouragement, flexibility and flexible flexibility t fully communicated.

“We are also spending the world over the world and spending our world. Our environments are wider, more complex and more precise – introducing uncommon legislature, simplicity, and choice of players to the world of Last of Us.

“The human enemies you meet are now more threatening and able, using sophisticated communication and environmental awareness to create stronger and stronger stealth and fight against each other. ”

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