The week's team at Garth Crooks: Zouma, Shaw, Rashford, Aguero

Liverpool returned to the top of the Premier League with Tottenham having a 2-1 victory at Anfield after Manchester City winners won Fulham's 2-0 win.

Manchester United won the best four with 2-1 wins over Watford and Chelsea won a 2-1 victory in Cardiff.

Huddersfield was released by a 2-0 defeat at Crystal Palace but Southampton added what they hoped to live with a 1-0 win in Brighton.

Burnley recorded 2-0 on Wolves, Leicester 2-0 won against Bournemouth and Everton scored a 2-0 win at West Ham.

This is my team of the week – read below and choose your own below.

Games – Kasper Schmeichel

Bournemouth's Callum Wilson did not just pass a Saturday game to Leicester – he set it out for the effect.

He is undoubtedly affected by the influence of Brendan Rodgers on the performance of the great Foxes players – and you can get no higher in Leicester than Kasper Schmeichel.

It was a clean, clean page. On the other hand – how many points is Hugo Lloris going to spend Tottenham?

Did you know? From the start of 2015-16, only Lukasz Fabianski (495) has saved more in the Premier League of Kasper Schmeichel (378).

Defenders – Wes Morgan (Leicestershire), Ben Mee (Burnley), Kurt Zouma (Everton)

Wes Morgan: Where does Wes Morgan aspire? Leicester's captain's captain was longer than keeper Bournemouth Asmir Begovic was a bit like Denis Law.

Morgan has placed two hits in two games and is now as strong a rock in defense. With the exception of Morgan looking stunning in both punishments, the whole team is looking forward to being supervised by their new manager.

What a good way to celebrate the late owner's 60th birthday.

Did you know? Wes Morgan of Leicester has made a first visit to his first life in the first career, taking three visits in the previous four games.

Ben Mee: B & # 39 James Tarkowski made my team a week after Burnley finally beat Tottenham. Well, this week it's Beinn Mee.

I thought the two defenders were excellent against Wolves but Mee finds out. The manager of Sean Dyche, who has been in Burnley for 300 matches, should be congratulated. No bad.

Did you know? Only James Tarkowski (42) has made more blocks than Ben Mee (38) in the Premier League this season.

Kurt Zouma: What were these? Manuel Pellegrini said it was a bad day in the office? I will say. West Ham was scary. I have Everton's criticism of the poor protection they got this season but I found out that they were recommending their clean bill at the London Stadium on Saturday.

Maybe the Hammers could have had two goals after 20 minutes and they were lucky it wasn't bigger. Meanwhile, Kurt Zouma is starting to look like a guardian to be trusted.

Did you know? Kurt Zouma has won 68% of air jams in the Premier League this season; it is the highest percentage of any media in Everton.

Marine rangers – Peter van Aanholt (Crystal Palace), Bernardo Silva (City), Harry Arter (Cardiff), Dwight McNeil (Burnley), Luke Shaw (Man Utd) t

Patrick van Aanholt: For all the tricks and tricks of Wilfried Zaha he was allowed to visit 20 Crystal Palace if he could strike a ball clean.

Luckily for a Palace, that's what players from Holland do especially well – whatever their circumstances.

Patrick van Aanholt took a Saturday game after Huddersfield – and effectively knocked them down – with a beautiful finish.

The ball was moving away at knot level but Dutch was still able to remove it clean and score. Particularly impressive for a fullback.

Did you know? Patrick van Aanholt offered more opportunities than any other Crystal Palace defender in this Premier League (34).

Bernardo Silva: Talk about a team being out of team. Fulham is in the league and it could be confirmed as early as Tuesday. Bernardo Silva was awarded the score for a third, a similar game, as he did in the game.

I don't think I saw such a madness like the Premier League that is so scarce and so scary about playing the game again and Fulham. They have grown better under Scott Parker but are they a manager?

Did you know? Bernardo Silva has made a three-man tour in Manchester City competitions for the first time.

Harry Arter: With 79 minutes away from Chelsea on Sunday, Harry Arter seemed to have done a job. The person in Cardiff had been breaking, breaking and going through to go through the whole of Chelsea's mid-range.

Neil Warnock played his player to save him from being put off after being set up. What a bad decision. Directors must allow players to manage the situation, particularly when they are having such an impact on the game.

Accordingly there was nothing that Warnock could do to coordinate the failure of Chelsea, and the decision of the Craig Pawson ruling to allow Antonio Rudiger to stay on the park. T when other German negotiators arranged for Coinneach Zohore to be brought down. Warnock climbs walls tonight!

Did you know? Sol Sol Bamba (42) did not win more struggle than Harry Arter (38) from Cardiff's Premier League season.

Dwight McNeil: This boy grabbed my eyes – but when Burnley's Burnley strike, Jon Walters, back to aiming for Football he had the right to visit and support Dwight McNeil.

MacNeil did both against the Wolves team who presumably had more than one eye on the semi-final FA Cup next week against Watford. This was of great benefit to the Clarets – but looking at the runoff, they needed five more points from somewhere.

Did you know? Dwight McNeil has been directly involved in the seven league goals of this quarter (three aims, four support) – the highest number of teenagers (level by Fulham's Ryan Sessegnon).

Luke Shaw: The member from Luke Shaw for Marcus Rashford tried to try Manchester United's record against Watford.

BBC Poughit on BBC ALBA Perfectly honored by BBC ALBA as: "Shaw did not play the ball to Rashford – he played the ball for him."

He thought it was so beautiful that he expelled Watford's defenses, and at the same time allowed Rashford to abdicate them. Great.

Did you know? Luke Shaw has made three deals supporting the Premier League this season; it was one of the six previous initiatives.

Next – Marcus Rashford (Man Utd, Sergio Aguero (Man City)

Marcus Rashford: Regular readers of my team column last week will announce that Jose Mourinho will be at risk of destroying the legendary Marcus Rashford talent.

Well, I would like to tell the record that the role of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, along with the support of Mike Phelan, will be the centerpiece of high-quality player in Rashford.

The big question is: Can it keep it? If I was a Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane, I'd be paying the king's money.

Did you know? Since he started off at Manchester United in February 2016, Marcus Rashford 45 visited each club in his competition. That's more than any other player in the same period.

Sergio Aguero: If Marcus Rashford is at its top – and is – what does Sergio Aguero do at a world level? Well, without going into in-depth analysis, if you evaluate Aguero's goal at Fulham and do so each time he takes signals, you will get the answer.

See what Pep Guardiola says and others about the best players in the Crooks of the Matter below.

Did you know? From the start of the 2011-12 season, Sergio Aguero has been involved with the Premier League's more ambitious goals against teams that have risen to any other players (36 – 29 goals, seven of them helping). T ).

Now it's your chance

You have seen my elections this week. But who should you go for?

The Object Cròrs

Kick It Out on the attack this week proclaimed black "walkers" if officers refused to start Uefa's tri-partite protocol in games.

I've always wondered what managers thought the supporters of their players had seen and that we knew now. They don't like it much more than we do and they would throw the players away from the park if other officers were suddenly depressed.

Jurgen Klopp, Maurizio Sarri, Pep Guadiola, Mauricio Pochettino and Neil Warnock have been working with Napoli manager Carlo Ancelotti in danger of taking in troubles into their hands as a dawn for the Premier League, the Scottish Football Association t -coise and Uefa. They are all put in for attention.

Kick It Out has warned the governing bodies of the threat of doing so since Samuel Samuel was asked from the game against Real Zaragoza to let Barcelona troops in 2006. t

Kick It Out, Fare and others have campaigned for a protest campaign to improve the targeting of abuse by officers, followed by a period of time out and finally disbanding. games provided, if fans have refused to give warnings.

Now there is football left with two options. Act on protocol or black players walk. We warned.

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