There is a Chinese hunger for the world's world & # 39; threatening commercial woodland

Durian meat was removed at a special eatery stall in the fruit, in Beijing, 18 January 2019. (AFP pic)

RAUB: It is sent to & # 39; blamed an increase in demand for people in China for a new wave of deforestation in Malalais with environmentalists who warned that large quantities of tuna are cleared to make space for large plantations of the spiky fruit , pungent.

Extracted in the south-eastern side of tropical Asia, the Durian is referred to as "fruit king" with fans, who are keen to make high and sharp aroma to blue cheese.

But obstacles say they are disturbing the sewage and passiveness. The strong smell means many hotels throughout the area have prevented guests from being taken into rooms, is Singapore providing the opportunity for the fruit on its subway system.

Despite this, they are very susceptible to China, and the increase in demand for the promotion of exports to a larger proportion of the remote market.

Growths in Malaysia are becoming increasingly from small orchards to business scale jobs – there is a shift that is warns environmentalists who already warned their new threat to rainforests; challenge loggers and palm oil plantations.

"At the moment people are getting a lot of attention from the Chinese market," said Sophine Tann, from the Peka environmental protection body, who has investigated land clearances to make room for the fruit.

"This deforestation is about trying to get ready to meet that demand."

In the Raub area covered by a jungle in the center of Malaya, several fresh woodlands have been cut down to replace a new plantation, with durian seamlessly protected seabed overlooks bare mountains.

The plantation is next to a vast area of ​​deep woodland, which is the home of chalaidosgop from livestock from monkeys to ordinary birds.

A river, which is now dead and is filled with crannogs and branches from logging, and & # 39; running nearby.

A plant outside the plantation said that it was run by Ample Harvest, but the staff of their company refused to give them an idea when they were notified of the loss of trees in the area.

Peka said that the status of the land was modified by the local government to enable it to log, but local authorities did not respond to requests for an opinion.

The first time is & # 39; bite
In the Beijing center about 4,000 kilometers away, there is a stall called "Captain Fruit Little". Malayan Danish soldier.

Wang Tao's shop manager said his customers "fell in love" with supporters from Malaya due to their sweet taste, often leaving those from competitors exchanges, such as Thailand.

It will include staff frozen from a facility in Malayas and sold them in plastic vessels or in other forms – a type of beef mode, in ice cream or friction.

Users are kept up to date on the stock of the shop through the WeChat message app.

"I first tried to look like a child and got a taste of it," said Liu Zelun, a university student who, Visit the shop once a week to settle her mind.

"Thai durians have a stronger taste and they tend to be sick after a while, but not the ones I buy from here."

It is the most popular mix – and one of the most expensive – Musang King, is known for thick gold meat. One King of Musang was sold at the Beijing base for 800 yuan (US $ 120), several times more expensive than Malaysia.

"Our customers have no worries about the prices, they're just for the best thing," said Wang.

Bradain oil down, growing up
The price of the Malaysian palm oil exporter, which is used in daily products worldwide from marapap to margarine, is in a very uncomfortable decline, turning people to become more susceptible.

The government has supported the expansion of its business, and hope to invest in increasing demand from a world's second largest economy in the world.

The value of the Durian machines from Malawi to China was in the first eight months of 2018 to & # 39; RM7.4 million brokerage (US $ 1.8 million), more than doubled the value of the same period of 2017, according to agricultural ministry in Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysia expects to be hit in August to move the route to a & # 39; exporting exhausted staff to China, and aim to expand more than 443,000 tonnes by 2030.

Previously, Malayas can not be transmitted to China but in the form of pipes and shape.

Despite the product progression that has been produced; The agricultural minister praised the growth of plantations slowly growing slowly and said that it was a long time. Encourage growers to use their orchards and regenerate unprivileged trees.

"Deforestation for new areas is not encouraged," said Minister of Agriculture, Salahuddin Ayub, to AFP in a statement, saying if tight environmental regulations would be made if trees are registered for plantations.

In the northern state of Kelantan, last year's tribes sent stops to stop a company from their racing land to establish King Musang planting.

The central government has taken the cause, and opposed the state's government to failure to maintain their land rights.

But environmentalists warn that the whole picture is bad.

Durian agriculture "continues to drive more deforestation and loss of biodiversity in Malaysia," said Rimba's environmental group, warning that he was continuing to & # 39; Destroys an important habitat for extensive animals such as tigers, elephants, priorities and horns.

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