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Those who suspect that mosque statues are posted at a mosque (Updated)

KLANG: A 37-year-old man (pix) intended to capture figures of mosque's religious rituals in Pandamaran was captured on Sunday.

It is believed that the person who, living near Surau Sabilul Huda at Taman Pendamar Indah 1, unstable in mental health and the influence of healthy faith teaching.

He told researchers that he had dreams that he encouraged to put things at his desk.

South African police chief, ACP, Shamsul Amar Ramli, said a special action agency attacked his house at 6.15pm.

He said that the person who was also suspected of the detection of drug misuse and has two criminal records to be injured in 1997 and stealing in 2000.

"The person who was suspected of working alone in each case left Saturday and Wednesday. With his arrest, the police have resolved two cases," said Shamsul.

He said that police products were " show that the work of individuals or organizations that did not expel religious or religious places or not; including racial and religious awareness.

The police also learned that the recently suspected person returned from a nearby country where he worked and had attended a healthy faith teaching.

Shamsall praised the committee of hospitals and residents in the area to give the police a full deal and ensure that they did not. delete a case from their share.

"I want to add to everyone who lives in the area and also Klang MP Charles Santiago to work together to make the agreement of the many Keeping the bulls whole. It was heartening to see how well this was organized without any animation, "said he.

Surau Sabilul Huda chairman, Idris Mazlan, police officer advised to work quickly in a & # 39; problem solving.

He said that it was a small case but it became a big issue after a video and news about social media.

"I would not like to submit a police report because it was a small issue that could be released. But when he went out, 39; we needed to make a police report. "

"We know the truth now. It's a Muslim job. It's really terrible. That's why Islam is wrong, it's wrong to be false and wrong. prevent anyone. "

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