Type 2 diabetes illness: Can the blood sugar position return?

Sugar diabetes is a state in which diabetes has a high degree of blood. In type 2 diabetes, this is happening because of # 2; A person's body does not contain enough insulin, or if cells are not absorbed; The body was rejected by the insulin. Type 2 diabetes is the most common type of diabetes. It is different for type 1 diabetes, in which a person can not do an insulin. It's a chemical that's in the insulin; made by the pancreas that regulates the degree of sugar in the blood and is converted into energy.

If this insulin can not be done, too much sugar can remain in the blood that can have problems with its; heart, illness, bread, eyes and legs.

Sugar illness does not have a special remedy but is treated with a prescription to control the contract.

However, some applications in type 2 diabetes have gone back. So that's true?

According to doctor Zenon Andreou, a GP of a European Zava doctor online, it's possible to type 2 diabetes to enter some of the people, with a loss of stress and choices healthy lifestyle.

But the doctor notes, however, that there is not long-term evidence to prove that this is a permanent remedy.

Type 2 diabetes is associated with stress, because people who are too heavy or fat are more likely to develop their situation.

People with diabetes type 2 already and who are too heavy or fat are more likely to develop related problems.

"Diathanes are high in delicious carbohydrates such as pasta, white bread and sugar drinks that increase blood glucose levels and the normal response of the body is to make more insulin to balance," said Dr Zenon.

However, people with diabetes can not create that balance, so they have to take medicines to control it.

But he eats healthy and loses his weight on helping some of their people to put their diabetes into a while to continue to do so. reducing blood sugar levels naturally

"By reducing the amount of calories consuming and controlling calorie, lower blood sugar levels can remain at normal rates and for some drugs, as well as weight loss and Continuing exercise, this means that there is no need for medication, "said Dr Zenon.

"It's important to be aware that we can not cure us, there is no long-term evidence at this time to suggest that this is a permanent situation," he said.

Dr Zenon also noted some studies that people who are trying to get the diabetes' s illness in animals Shortly after judging a better position to be successful, because the cells that control lower glucose levels are not.

"People with type 2 diabetes should talk to their GP or expert before requesting their diabetes to survive.

"They will be able to propose a healthy suggestion and set out fitness plans and attractive targets, as they can try to avoid bad risks and effects to avoid unnecessary consultation .

"People with diabetes type 2 diabetes have been diagnosed with continuing to get regular healthcare and diabetes cancer studies such as retina screening.

"One of the type 2 diabetes may have been considered a lifetime situation, but recent research has shown that some people can go into well-being through weight loss and healthy lifestyle choices.

"But there is not long-term evidence to prove that this is a permanent remedy," said Dr Zenon.

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