UFC Beijing: China's performance institute will give us a good MMA power, says Li & The Leech & # 39; Jingliang

He "The Leech" Jingliang believes he has a vision of the diverse martial arts in the future.

"You'll look," said Li. "In two years, China is the high power of MMA."

Fighting Fighting Championship (UFC) is ten-tired of ten – and over ten years in the fighting game – he sent him as a major MMA chief Chinese and he is warmed up to the sage post of the This week goes on to UFC Fight Night 141.

The filler will attack David Zawada (16-4) at his & her; Germany at Cadillac Arena on Saturday night, a case of a village boy; Return to something that is undoubtedly not having a heroic welcome with the UFC. The first time in Beijing is a 12-bit chart featuring Li among the nine Chinese soldiers who work.

"Indeed it's a comfortable feeling here in Beijing," said Li. "My wife and my family are here. Just about everyone I know to be here and people have traveled to come here from across China. It's an opportunity to show people about what MMA is about. "

The destination commenced on Saturday with the UFC announcing plans to spend a $ 13 million estimate on a Shanghai performance system, designed to override the MMA's purpose of the Asia-Pacific division, but – due to its location – Ensure that the focus is to find and its & # 39; developing generations of Chinese activists.

He believes that the campaign will be turn a game.

"This news makes it very happy," Li said. "Earlier this is happening, better. There is a lot of potential in this country and now we see this to grow.

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"The UFC can train campaigners properly, and they can show Chinese football the right way. This is the 11th fight and things have changed as soon as possible.

"There are more Chinese players coming up and we're all getting better and better. If we make use of the new performance institution, this can only be followed.

"It's a chance for campaigners to change their lives. But first we have to make every special show on Saturday night."

A display on a Saturday card shows that the UFC has been removed all over its web in a & # 39; The development of a stable of Chinese campaigners.

Up to now, 11 Chinese based on Las Vegas have developed its books – out of 28 from the Asia-Pacific region.

UFC in China: plans have appeared to embed complex modernization in Shanghai

The most recent to be signed has been 22 years old, Su Mudaerji (11-3), the first person who was in age; fighting in the Tibetan sovereignty came to the UFC and called for just two weeks of warning to be thrown into the war against Louis America Samurai finally "Smolka (13-5).

The Chinese decision to date in 2018 has been a keen part in UFC fighting cards as far away as Hamburg, Germany, and Perth, Australia.

The record for the year has been seven-footed and six-footed, including UFC Fight Night 132 4-0 loop tourings in Singapore back in June.

That card showed The Leech a & # 39; Overwhelming Daichi Abe (6-3) over three trips to win, and also Presenting a 20-year-old song at Yadong (12-3, two competitions), which is the next week, which tagged "Terminator" for something slightly more closest to home.

And so we'll have "The King Monkey" who looks at Vince Morales American (8-2) Saturday night because he's a Looking to run it in the UFC is expanded into three direct benefits.

In Singapore, a prestigious song came out during the second round of death to Filipe Arantes Brazil (18-10-1, two kits), and The fool has been in & # 39; built around since then.

To add to his army, Team Alpha Male was a championship in California under Urijah Faber's UFC Hall of Famer watch.

But the person who chases a & # 39; see a day coming soon when MMA stars can get to learn China closer to their home than they need to know at the very high levels of sport.

"We have a great deal of travel since we're trying to develop ourselves as campaigners," said Song. "You need to learn from the best and that's what I and other Chinese campaigners have been doing with Team Alpha Male.

"It would be possible to do so in China. You can see that many people are learning about MMA and the sport is moving in China with more victims, more staff and more fans.

"We are all happy with this but now it's up for us to continue to win."

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