UK Competition and Markets Authority to search for Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo – TheSixthAxis

The Competition and Markets Commission (CMA) has initiated online games rights audits, in particular PlayStation Plus, Xbox Live, and Nintendo Switch Online. They say they are “worried about some of the business practices of those companies are legal.”

They are looking at the self-transfer renewal course for each service, asking whether the user is given a fair warning that their account will be treated in the future, and also how t It is easy to retrieve or cancel the agreement. They are also going to investigate how fair the contracts, specifying a price increase, published Xbox a few days ago, or reduced in the number of games, as did Sony with PlayStation Plus.

As the research has just started the MMF has not given a decision but says “If we find that people are not being treated fairly by consumer protection law, we are fully prepared to act. T taking. ”

I have taken a quick look at the PlayStation Plus pages and specifically said “PS4 games are added to the library PS Plus games. “With the previous text from there were PS3 games and PS Vita (as explored through Wayback Archive) read“ Every month a selection of games are added to the Monthly Games Plus. ”

Bottom: CMA / PlayStation.Com

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