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Using a gray gray Oregon handle with $ 1m worth of green, CDC says. US News

Oregon's six-year-old boy was given in hospital for two months for green-tape and almost died from a bacterial illness after deepening his & # 39; hill while it was & # 39; playing on farm, according to case study published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The 2017 case is the first case of a dentist greenhouse in Oregon for more than 30 years and he feared experts who were infectious diseases, who said almost uncertain green-tailed since the immunization of the 1940s began.

The child received a critical amount of the greenhouse vaccine in the hospital but his parents refused to give him a second dose – or any other youth displays – after he got better, the paper said.

"When I read that, my shoots fell," said Dr William Schaffner, an infectious disease expert and chairman of the prevention medicine department at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in Nashville, Tennessee. "I can not believe it. That's sad and misunderstanding and I've just been rough.

"This is a terrible illness, but … we have a way to stop the case and why we have nothing in the United States because we & # 39; vaccine, literally, to everyone. "

The CDC paper did not give any information about the child, family or where they live in Oregon and that it is not successful in writing; Try to get that information from authors and paper.

Solicitors in Oregon and Washington have considered bills that finalize non-medical exemptions for normal childhood vaccines such as Welsh weather conditions northwest in the third month of measles. measles. Seven people in the southwest end of Washington, most of their infants, were proven by the fascinating virus virus from January 1, as well as several people in Portland, Oregon.

Unlike measles, which is a virus, there is no person; has been living with a protective green-green case and can repeat the disease again if they are still protected. Green-tailed is not broadcast human-to-face by running or running; cough as a measles, but a cough; come from bacteria spoons found in the environment.

There are green-colored spores in every place, especially in the soil. When someone gets without deep, deep, severe injury, these spores can attack the cut and start the medicine that causes the illness to be created. The green-tacteria will have a secret toxin that will; get into blood blood and the blood shirts to the strange system.

In any place from three to 21 days after infection, symptoms indicate: muscle spasms, lock locks, difficulty; swallowing and breathing and catching. The disease can cause death or bad disability in those who live, Schaffner said.

Around 30 people have greenhouse debugging all over the country, according to the CDC, and 16 have died between 2009 and 2015. It is rare among children; and those over 65 are the most vulnerable.

In Oregon's case, the boy cut his cheek and played his family injured. Six days later, he began to dig his shoes, placing his mill and his back and had unbelievable hermit spasms. When he began to breathe a problem, his parents were referred as transitors and was transported by air to the University of Oregon Health & Science in Portland. When he arrived, he asked water but he could not open his mouth.

The child was turned, put on a venter and took care in a dark room while there was an earring plaque on it because there was no stomach; making sense and spices worse. His fever began to almost 105F (40.5C) and increased high blood pressure and a race heartbroth.

Forty four days after he had been in hospital, The boy can keep the weather clear. Six days later, he could walk a short distance with help. After three weeks of rehabilitation with a patient and a month at home, he could run and run a bicycle – amazing revival, experts said.

The child's care, not including the air patient and revitalization of patients, It costs almost $ 1m, about 72 hours for a pediatric hospital in the USA, the paper that was marked.

"It's the way to have green-tape medicine but you have to go over it. You need to support the patient because this poison is chemically linked and then it must be slowly moderated, "said Schaffner.

Green-tailed issues have fallen by 95% in the US since a widespread vaccine and adult promotion invitations were regularly introduced almost 80 years ago; falls have fallen by 99%.

The CDC proposes a five-dose series of green-colored loops for children aged two months and six years and an increase that is placed every 10 years for adults.

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