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Washington lawyers will complete the boundary of vaccine freedom – Boundary Creek Times

Washington state lawyers progressed on a Friday which would enable parents to be able to; children of school age for their personal advocacy or philosophy for their vaccination. crushed as the Pacific Northwest is struggling with its & # 39; infection virus.

The House of Health and Hall House Hall 1638 agreed on a 10-5 vote. The House may vote in the coming weeks.

The legislation comes within a dispute that has been converted to more than 50 people in a & # 39; The Northwest Atlantic Ocean and led by Washington Gov. Jay Inslee to reveal a state of emergency. Health officials have reported at least 54 known cases in the Washington state and four in Oregon.

Washington is among 17 states, including Oregon, which allow some freedom of non-medical immunization for "personal, moral or other personal," according to the National Congress of State Legislatures.

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Washington is now allowing children's immunity to be vaccinated at public or private schools or licensing daycare centers based on medical, religious and personal or philosophical beliefs. If there is no conviction of liberty, an immunization must be vaccinated against or against; Demonstration of the protection of almost ten diseases – including polio, casualties and lumps – before they can go to school or childcare center.

Hundreds of people facing the face of completing the freedoms, including environmental activity, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who appeared at a public hearing on the legislation last week.

There is a wider measure in the state Sets, which does not allow personal or philosophical freedoms to be granted for any school vaccination required, recorded for public hearing next Wednesday.

Fourth percent of secondary school students in Washington have a free immune vaccine, the Health Department said. Of those, 3.7 per cent of personal exemptions, and the rest of their faith.

In Presbyterians – just north of Portland, Oregon, where all of the issues in Washington are large – 6.7 per cent of nursery homes receiving non-medical freedom for a 2017-18 school year, health officials said.

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California provided immunizations of personal beliefs for children in public and private schools in 2015 after the death of their Disneyland curtain 147 people spread and spread across the USA and into Canada. Vermont left his personal freedom in 2015.

Raonaid La Corte, The Associated Press

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