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WhatsApp clouds explode: Hongkongers hailed HK $ 2.7m in three months – Tech News

More than 150 Hongkongers were sent out of HK $ 2.7m (RM1.40kilin WhatsApp games this year, with creative promoters designing new ways to use the popular messaging service.

Police said on 8 April that the funding which had been decommitted was 50% higher than the previous year, even as the number of WhatsApp victims fell by over 40%. More than 250 Hongkongers were scammed on the first three month 2017 messages app for HK $ 1.8 million (RM).940,050).

WhatsApp came to Hong Kong police in November 2017 when about 10 cases were reported – the number rising to 30 next month. In 2018 there were 592 cases and lost HK $ 6.4mil (RM.)3.34one thousand).

The city's police said the artists on WhatsApp, a 10-year-old company, had created ways of raising money from victims.

“In one of the most recent strategies, victims brought in online games buying cards and promised to make a profit by selling them,” said Lau Ka-ho, t chief executive of Crime Security and Bureau Technology.

In January, a Hong Kong man, 48-year HK $ 430,848 (RM225,010) lost through a card score, the issue which has yet been reported in WhatsApp.

In this case, a scammer affected the WhatsApp account of the man's older sister and used it with text messages that he asked him to purchase points cards. Saying that it could make a profit by selling them, the man made over 160 actions in four hours.

The Hong Kong police described a movement of deceased victims losing a larger amount of money on WhatsApp. In the first three months of this year, victims lost between HK $ 513 (RM267) and HK $ 430,848 (RM225,010), said police. Last year, WhatsApp victims lost from HK $ 128 (RM66.85) to HK $ 307,200 (RM160435) over the same period.

The increase in the amount of money pushed to police on Monday to warn the public and to urge WhatsApp users to set up a two-stage verification process for the accounts.

With two steps required, users must submit a personal identification number as well as the confirmation code to resettle their accounts.

“The last solution to stop this type of scam is and to stop WhatsApp from being overwhelmed by others being able to perform the two-stage check in the WhatsApp application,” said Lau.

Security and Security Bureau Bureau Tsang Nga-sze said that if WhatsApp users were contributing to the security of their accounts, it would be more difficult for tenants to stop and stop them.

Police said consumers often pretend to be friends or relatives of WhatsApp users and they removed their codes and passwords. The artists then received the accounts and, appearing as users, sent out text messages to corrupt the account accountancy links.

Users can buy credit to spend on the stage from convenience shopping in the city. Following the password for the carts, they were sold off by scooters online for profit.

There's a 39; Post Last year reported that the police thought that Taiwan had hit the last of WhatsApp scans because they had used the button cards they wanted for Taiwanese versions of online games.

Police said there was never one opposition to WhatsApp. – South China Morning Post

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