White Day in April 2019: Skin AirPower Dbrand, Hyper USB-C supermarket, Twelve South Bento BookBook, & # 39; more

Officially as April 1st, all the things you see on the internet can be a celebration of White Day. As long as Apple was to laugh at Best Smith Day in September 2017, there's plenty of other fun available today.

Here are some of our favorite fun day for Gospel Day in April 2019.

Strip Sylvania HomeKit

Twelve south

Renowned user Twelve South uses White Day in April to tell “the first book” BookBook Bento. ”This supporter will be restricted by your weight only.

BookBook Bento is a handsome case, with the Macbeths and a subtle headland. So you can go into your office with your MacBook and sushi records in one serious lump. Within BookBook Bento, your Macbeth is lying on a miniature microwave. Open the confidential section for MacBook and lunch – it gets in salt.

dbrand airPower

d airline AirPower Day

The great musician published his response today to the failure of a AirPower restricted cap for Apple. The company sells “AirPower skins and wraps” for just $ 4.01. The skins are available in different colors, and if you place your order today, you can get one in the post.

The best thing is that AirPower would have been.

When Apple destroyed the AirPower, we were destroyed. Not as we care about being given over rescues on many machines at the same time, but because there was only too much money that wouldn't be spent on AirPower skin. That's when we asked an important question: “Should AirPower stop us selling our sacks?” Certainly, we can't – let enter details such as we are making money.

  1. Cover any wall to ensure 100% wireless.
  2. Use them on your coffee board to start discussions about your careful buying purchase decisions.
  3. Put them on your floor loft to control cheap weather.
  4. Put your order on your instructions and spend the day until you are starred in the Bird Box.
  5. Wrap it around the vape to show exactly how you are not.
  6. Remove the last page of a book you haven't finished finishing.

Find out more about AirPower dbrand brakes here.

“Mother of all USB-C hubs at Hyper

Hyper Day of April 2014 at Hyper hits a little more than home. MacBrayne's customers are named “mother of each USB-C” facility. The USB-C hub has 40 different tunes, from USB-A to VGA to Floppy Disco and more:

  • 9 x USB-C
  • 9 x USB-A
  • 2 x microSD
  • 2 x SD
  • 1 x 3.5mm jack sound
  • 1 x HDMI
  • 2 x DisplayPort
  • 1 x Mini DVI
  • 1 x VGA
  • 1 x Ethernet
  • 1 x Modm RJ-11
  • 1 x Audio Optical “Toslink”
  • 1 x Firewire 400
  • 1 x Firewire 800
  • 2 x RCA
  • 1 x Parallel Port
  • 1 x Serial Port
  • 1 x PS / 2
  • 1 x At Port
  • 1 x 3.5 ”Disorder Drive

In addition to these ports, a large USB-C hub at Hyper includes a 100Wh safe and 2-in-1 airborne battery and a space mixer. Read more about the hub in the Hyper newsletter here. T

T-Mobile BoothE Tel

T-Mobile today announced that the T-Mobile phone and the BoothE mobile phone will:

The Mobile Phone Version (MEE) is a rectangular room with a personal size that you spend on your head as you catch up in the street – and it is t with the latest mobile devices.

Clear plastic window so you can see where you are going (as long as you go straight ahead and you don't need the fireplace vision) and build a hard wooden cart. one of the most impressive sound protection technologies at MEE. BoothE because it's normal; a box magenta box with a hole in it. But he makes a raft rumble that they wouldn't bother with their destination end.

T-Mobile also uses Gday Day as a chance to remind everyone that AT&T has been trying to put people concealed for “months” when they start in 5GE. T-Mobile indicates by giving customers full consent to customers.

Read more about Line BoothE with T-Mobile here.

Roku flows from distance to friendly. T

Roku, who supports Apple's app, later this year, pranks April Fools' 2019 by publishing peer-friendly streams. This course is designed specifically for dogs to “take into their favorite sport”.

The remote areas include features such as bark-kaleting technology, animal summary buttons, and more:

The Paws Remote Press is designed to make it easier for your dog to play their favorite TV sport. The special papers include companion features such as: t

Buttons of Animals: Ergonomic short-time buttons allow dogs to their favorite shows, giving them access to cemeteries with the pets register, including Animal Planet, where they can grab a program of “Evan Goes Wild”, and The Pet Collective on Roku Channel, where they can watch out of hours, watch memes, and biggest videos for animals t

Technology Bark Assistant: The Press Paws are working mobile with your Roku player or Roku TV and there is Bark Assistant Technology there. Your pet has a number of orders such as chips, bare fleeces (for emergency biodiesel) and shear – to remove t

Built in Sub-WOOFer: We built Sub-WOOFer in the Beat Paws Remote which includes a very high frequency, so your noise is very nice at home.

Full details of Roku's different edge are available here.


Chegg noted that Chegg Xcuses has been issued as the 'e-mail generator ideal for students.' The service was designed to help students learn picking up the excuse when they have to complete a piece of work: t

Chegg The Xcuses provide a unique experience for all students who need to help communicate with their tutors. Chegg they work with day-to-day students and understand how difficult it is to write apologies. By starting Chegg Xcuses, Chegg providing an innovative outcome which changes student pressure in a new way.

You can practice the Mad Libs style device here.


Google usually goes out for Fools Day in April. The people of 9to5Google have been growing up all the company collections, which this year include objects like Space Invaders in the Google Calendar, Snake in Google Maps, and more .


Kudos to Microsoft, this year prevented staff from participating in the White Day events. As explained by The Verge, Chris Capossela, Microsoft's chief market superintendent, last week told staff last week that there is little impact on the White Flag packs for April and April. it cannot produce unwanted news bulletins.


These are just some of the excursions that run through the Summits in April 2019 nowadays touring the internet. Interested? Contact us in our comments.

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