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A self-styled prophet who said he had found herbal remedies for HIV and other illnesses found guilty of law breach, Zimbabwe Newspaper website reports.

Walter Magaya, 35, is now waiting for a later conviction for a & # 39; affecting the Control of Medicine Act, an up-to-date news site is added.

In October, the police attacked Mr Magaya's offices to remove samples of the medication that was done, based on something called, for exams, saying that claims about cure could be criminal.

The pills said they were selling online for $ 1,000 (£ 770, Sh100,080) folder.

After that Mr Magaya failed to cure the medicine, instead saying "strict clinical tests" would be; taking place, depending on the state Herald newspaper.

An BBCShingai Nyoka recites that Mr Magaya is part of a group of young people, brash and wild that has emerged in the Zimbabwe economic crisis.

They bring scores of fans with promises about wonderful cure and wonderful money.

Recently, Mr Magaya has hit a courtyard and can improve blood pressure.

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