Male patients who jump from the 5th floor themselves


At about 0m a.m. (22/11), Uong Bi's hospital in Quang Ninh (Vietnam) was triggered when a male patient dropped off the floor 5 to go to; killing himself and dying South-

The victim was identified as H. (36 years of age, who lived in Cam Pha). Depending on the evidence, before the event, H. a colon cancer treatment is in room 9, 5th floor, D29, a hospital illness.

Affecting when people are not aware, Mr H. climbed through the room window and jumped to the ground. When the case was discovered, the doctors suffered the emergency room, but they did not. victim suffered.

The victim is known to attend the sentence. However, due to poor illnesses it should be taken to the Vietnamese-Swedish hospital in the hospital. At present, the authorities investigate the purpose of the case.

Let's go to Number 9, where patients are treated by H. patients. Photos: Readers give

Àir Chambers. 9, where to be treated with H. Patient. Photos: Readers give

As reported by the Family & PV Newspaper Association, recently in Quang Ninh in this case, many patients who jumped on killing themselves were killed.

In particular, on the 7th of September, in the vicinity of Talla C, Bai Chay General Hospital, Patient Hoang Vinh Q. (SN 1958), living in Group 7, Zone 3, Vertical Ward. Ha Long) suddenly jumped from the upper floor of the hospital to hit the top of the hospital; car that died.

Then, on 24/9, LVD patients (SN 1973), the son of Du Duong commune (Hoanh Bo area) are a remedy outside the patients in the Department of dialysis – taking blood dialysis home (6th floor, D house) for seasonal dialysis.

Here, the patient. he came to a balcony waiting room and then jumped to the ground floor of the Foreign Affairs Department. When people found that they had been brought to the Emergency Department. However, due to serious injuries, the patient did not live

The incident occurred at Bai Chay General Hospital, when Q patients jumped to be killed. Photograph: Hospital given

The incident occurred at Bai Chay General Hospital, when Q patients jumped to be killed. Photograph: Hospital given

Nearly two months (25/9), patients with LTQ (SN 1966), who live in Tan Dan (Hoanh Bo area) are illicit patients in the face of face teeth in love. migration. After that, the patient was taken to the emergency room but it was vital to die.

When the hospital camera was removed, it was found about 3m on the same day, patient Q came out of the ward and reached the floor 7 (house B). At this time, patients who walk around the corridor down to the 6th floor (house D) and go to Dialysis Division – Dialysis. The next thing, the victim will go to an open room and then the balcony will jump to the ground.


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