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Even if the Can Tho authorities show evidence that the 18-year-old female explorer is completely feminine, the story has not been resolved. Not only that, people in the world also submit a written answer made by the World Boxes Association (AIBA) directly to the British Border League (BAV) leadership, confirming that detail – the investigation's information, how to embrace the chromosome assay, to determine that Hong Ngoc did not meet the degree of female boxing. AIBA has also blocked the 2018 World Youth Championship and the 2018 Youth Olympics.

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It is suspected that the Hong Ngoc (southern) box has been male – Photograph: FBNV

The result of the "male idol" story may bring the General Department of Sport to a correct decision, if any, to respect the athlete and his / her; eliminating suspicion that the producer was present. British Sport at the 2018. Olympics. In other cases, this will also be a warning for the & Try to save the final results over time. Transport is a & # 39; place in Hanoi.

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The AIBA paper is hand-made by the boxing worker

This is the first time that a "male idol" suspects have appeared at a national sporting event. In 2000, at the Phu Dong national theater in Dong Thap, there was a story about the 11th graduate saying she was a girl to take place at a jumping athlete, an athlete in An Giang. The event was found when the N.PP wife's same shape. K to men and compare comparisons between men.

During the test, PK was identified as being a species … it seems that male and the problem is the result of the family's riot at birth, lasting more than twelve years with women, Long dress and sit with the women. P.K is not completely mistaken, no degree, performing in this unfortunately event. Shortly after that, P.K. It was treated humorously by a young man named NM.C.C, and as the doctors promised, he married and gives birth to a normal person like many others. N.M.C received graduation from the College of Sport and Physical Education and is currently teaching secondary school physical education.

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Heinrich Ratjen as Dora Ratjen and broke the KLTG

If there are two typical cases of Vietnam's sport that can not be mistaken for family or belief about attitudes; public, in world sporting history, the men's stripes have caused many cases of ties, even It is roughly measured.

Heinrich Ratjen, a German dancer, named Dora Ratjen, attended the 1936 Olympic Games and won only the top five levels. As a result, Dora Ratjen won, "i", the gold medal, and her scratch; A 1.67m record of achievement at the World Athletics Championship later on and then sent a new record of the world after 2 years Next Post It was only revealed after the allegations were challenged and Testing to show that Dora is the same person. Just because he was so young, his genealogies had so little to be built with his family as a daughter until he was an adult. A doctor confirmed that she is a male, but he also confirmed that he could be "dual-sexed". Heinrich Ratjen died in 2008 when he was nineteen years old and his history of recognizing him for this rare event.

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Ewa Klobukowska and anguish suspicion on the world's athletic home

Ewa Klobukowska, a Polish athlete who attended the Tokyo Olympics in 1964, won the gold medal and broke the record on running 100m of women. It is suspicious that Ewa is the person who performs a chromosome test and says that it is "pretty", and # 39; giving an Olympic gold medal and casualties in a woman; competition. She asked him "a dirty, intense product" and thirty years later, IOC needed to return her base to her.

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Caster Semenya (South Africa) is a special issue. The 26-year-old muscle body is a factor because it has a very high level of hormone (testosterone) but has not reached a "species" level, so it is still involved in the competition for women. She has won three Olympic titles and two Olympic gold medals.

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Chand Dutee (296) awarded 100 silver medals and 200m cash at AS 2018

Like Caster Semenya, Indian athlete, Dutee Chand, is a male and has lost many campaigns due to the fact that the organizers thought it was male strips, although the test results were & # 39; shows testosterone levels in an approved level She has participated in the 2018 Asian Games in Indonesia.

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