Mallaig does not object to her & # 39; case, eliminating 2 bomb threats 2 women at a & # 39; airport to return home


Tuesday, November 27, 2018 20:01 PM (GMT + 7)

After investigating, a police union from Malaysia has not been able to; complained and agreed to lose two women from Vietnam that there was a bomb in luggage at the Kuala Lumpur airport to return home.

On November 27, the Foreign Ministry reported that Vietnam's Vietnam Ministry knew about two women from Vietnam held under the Malaysian authorities. There are bombs in flight bags from Kuala Lumpur Airport to Hanoi.

Malay does not object to a complaint, a & # 39; eliminating 2 women who visit Vietnam and # 34; at the airport - 1

Kuala Lumpur airport police will provide area for your area and your eyebrows – Photograph: VNA

So on November 22, 2018, two women from Vietnam when there are processes at Kuala Lumpur International Airport when Vietnam Airlines's Flight to Hanoi says bombs are in red bags.

Then Malay authorities watched their luggage but they did not get bombs and kept them for the relevant searches.

Following the investigation, the local police agreed on 23-11 without being able to; complain and agree that they would return from the two citizens back home.

Previously, as Labor Newspaper, on November 22th, said at the Kuala Lumpur airport, 2 guests are named PTO and NTHL (Vietnam nationalism) procedures (procedures), VN680 tour Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) – Hanoi. During its investigation process, The staff asked on the 2 guests what luggage was for the P.T.O who hosted him; Tell staff twice in luggage bags.

Shortly after they had received information about them, the authorities were totally on the fringe of their luggage and two passengers on the other passengers to look at the luggage and ask for information. Following the method of checking professional bags that do not locate their & # 39; bombing and holding the two entrants upside down for questioning, and said that two guests will take P.T.O and N.T.H.L to court.

Two Vietnamese men were under the control of Malay police for saying

Two passengers from Vietnam were held under the control of Malay police for saying they have a "bomb" in their luggage when they make the aircraft modes.

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