Maluma tells that his box is a music career: "I have to carry my spirit"


Hard news for fans: the singer reggaetón Maluma named breaking his music career. That's right, the voice of the effects as "Happy the Four" decides to come back after completing their American tour.

He explained through his social networks, especially in one of the stories of his official statement Instagram, where he stated that he had been the reasons for "spiritual" reasons.

"Thanks for everything, we had a good time," wrote it, and then explained that "I have a little rest to me, I have to carry my spirit."

"I need a little while for Juan Luis (it's the real name of Juan Luis Londoño), I need to think, think, do and do, I beg you, feed my spirit," he said.

"This week, I'm going to work on myself, I think it's essential, I'm going to give it occasional reporting. "

The news was lost with hundreds of thousands of fans and in its most recent image (usually with more than 800 miles), some welcomed their decision saying "it's always take a long time for one ".

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