Mamalan Cousin had an elephant size living with Dinosaurs


Washington: Firmly based mammal cousin size of the elephant who carried on herbs with intense horned herbs; circulation of the European landscape next to dinosaurs During Triassig, around 205 million to 210 million years ago, scientists said on Thursday.

Scientists mention surprise Fossils find a four-legged animal called Lisowicia bojani that shows in the & # 39; Poland dinosaurs The only behemoths were on Earth at that time and were not there; group mammal– As owned by Lisowicia, called dicynodonts, he did not die as far back as he had previously believed.

"We believe this is one of the most unusual fossil traces of Triassic of Europe," said Grzegorz Niedzwiedzki's paleeontologist of Uppsala University in Sweden.

Lisowicia, the most famous non-dinosaur land animal at the time, was about 15 feet (4.5 meters) long, 8.5 feet (2.6 meters) high and 9 meters high. The only other giants at that time were the early members of the dinosaur group called sauropods that had four legs, long nests and long tails.

"The skull and legs of Lisowicia were extremely specialized: without tooth and the mouth was equipped with aerial gob, like in turtles and horns dinosaurs, "Niedzwiedzki said, saying that it was not clear how it was like some of his relatives.

The Triassic is the opening chapters of age dinosaurs, and the Jurassic and Cretaceous times. First dinosaurs around 230 million years ago. Much of the earlier dinosaurs in small size, covered by large land reptiles, including tremendous predators called rauisuchians and crocodile-like mytosaurs.

"The last three-thirteen period was not during the uprising dinosaurs, it's also the time the dicynodonts finally decided dinosaursLast Chance, dinosaurs won this successful competition, "said paleeontologist Tomasz Sulej from the Paleobiology Academy of Pole Academy.

Reptilian and synchronous Dicynodonts mammalion features. The first millions of years that appeared before the first one mammalIt was developed in the late Triassach, these vegetable dummies grew enormously from small jams to large browsers. They became the main central terrestrial botanists and at the end of Triassic, but to date it has been thought to have died previously dinosaurs The biggest animals grow.

The science found some bone symbols representing several Lisowicia people at the Polas Lisowice town.

Analysis of the woods of its creatures Her bones had a rapid growth rate associated with her mammal not dineosaur.

The research was published in the magazine ScienceSouth Westerly


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