Mamata Banerjee, Rajnath Singh on heat exchanges after Amit Shah Rally


Mamata Banerjee, the sources, asked Rajnath Singh to "control his / her party", the BJP


Bengal's First Minister, Mamata Banerjee, was angry in exchange with the home minister of the Rajnath Singh Union today, said sources, when he asked her about the violence of this evening in a town near Kolkata from after rally by head of BJP Amit Shah. Ms. Banerjee, the sources, said he had asked his minister to "control his" party "who tried to" challenge a peaceful peace ", said the sources.

Kanthi, a 150-kilometer of Kolkata kilometer, into a modern garden, has been summarized after the completion of Amit Shah boundaries. Buses were excavated, a motorcycle was banned and Trinamool's offices were attacked. Although late in the afternoon, there were traffic on the state's state state as reports on knees were pushed into. A large police force needed to be used to control the situation.

Trinamool and the BJP have complain of violence against each other. The leaders of Trinamool have claimed that the attack was planned beforehand, that the BJP supporters had come with bikes and lads and removed their own vehicles. Sambit Patra returned to BJP back, saying "TMC has now been the Talibani Mamatar Karmo".

Later in the evening, Mr Singh called for First Minister and disturbed the violence. He requested action against those who were responsible and requested a detailed report from the state government within 24 hours.

Ms Banerjee was released as a response. "Control the directors and your supporters," said the sources as he told the minister of the home.

At his rally, Mr Shah said – who targeted 23 of the 42 seats in his party – he hit Ms. Banerjee, mentions the ponzi scam in Bengal and promised to make the people who were in a position; make "cast out" every royalty that stole them from thousands of unsuccessful tenderers.

He also mocked his & # 39; First Minister, saying that she would not act against the "money fund wallah" that paid crocodile for her photographs.

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