Mampintsha launches a campaign to help people cope with their issues


Mampintsha, the influential musician, has started a group called #FixHimFixIt, which aims to help people talk and deal with issues that can lead to abusive behavior.

Middletons were besieged after an attack and banned R2,000 after a video because he chased his sweetheart and starred Babes Wodumo.

Since then he has attacked Babes.

Event organizer and events manager based in Durban, Dogg DBN (real name Lindo Buthelezi) confirmed to TshisaLIVE that it was Mampintsha's opinion and that he does not support him.

"This is what Mampintsha decided about it, his idea was and I only step in to help him implement it."

Introducing Instagram, Dogg also recommended Mints to ask for professional help as a result of the forthcoming attack case.

"I know it is unwelcome to be with you at the moment but I am very proud to be responsible for and take on the consequences of your actions. I am very proud that you are like someone black people seeking professional assistance and beyond and beyond that ensure that your situation does not happen to anyone else especially those who love your music looking up to you.

Dogg explained that it was hoped this group would help men open up their problem.

"We are lifted up to throw it all up and when explosions happen people are saying anything like this because you will sort out male in society through education – we make sure all the abuse problem exists.

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