Man with a moon Go to NASA


Destroyed by NASA's degree of insecurity and “bureaucratic import”, Donald Trump's government announced on Tuesday that he will be returning American astronauts to the Moon between 2028 and 2024. with Vice-President Mike Pence (illustration) during a lecture in Huntsville, Alabama, where American rockets have been built since the 1960s. "By the presiding's presidency, the official policy of this administration is to return the American astronomers to the Moon in five years," said Pence, who chairs the National Council of Space, a organization that created Trump after. him coming to the White House. . "The first wife and the next one on the Moon will be American astronauts, who have launched American rockets with American soil," he said, confirming what the NASA leader Jim Bridenstine had been aiming for: t A woman like the next person walked on the moon bed that nobody has bothered since 1972.

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