Manager Ahli: Fadel and Gai continue … Do not worry what happened before 2004


Mohammed Marjan, executive director of Al Ahli, said that no one could put on Mahmoud Al-Khatib's love on her; club, saying that the management of its club can not make any decisions that could harm the situation of the team in the future.

Moran commented on the "On Sport" screen Saturday night: "Some people waiting for the Council were to make amazing results, but they did not with the President of Mahmoud Khatib's club to make any decision to harm the future club, especially with the ball team preparing for their game Al Wasl Thursday The 16th visit of Zayed Cup. "

He continued: "Until now, Ahli's board did not just give a decision to commission to Sayed Abdel Hafiz to follow the subsidiary section by removing the member's committee and returning Haitham Arabi to its contracting committee in the club.

"We know that Al Ahli fans do not care about their social club or the rules of the statutes. They are all in charge of football and competition performance. , and that's what we are looking for. "

"His current advice over the club took place and the team threatened to leave the rank of the group in the European League, but we were able to & # 39, reach a final, although our goal is not to come to the end but the main aim is to achieve their war. "

He continued: "Despite the president's health situation Mahmoud Khatib, but he liked meeting officers in the subsidiary division to make restructuring and position on way inside a club. "

"From 2000 to 2004, the team has only completed two courses, despite Salih Salim, Tarek Salim and a number of club leaders, but after 2004 a team of warriors was not lost to 2014. "

After the party Mohammed Fadl and Hussam Ghali left, Al Ahli's executive director responded: "There is no truth about what has been said so far and Fadel and Gali continue to stand. "

It is worth mentioning that Mahmoud Al-Khatib, president of Al-Ahli's club, has pledged to make vital decisions to reorganize the team after losing the title of the African Liberation League with Esperance Tunis (4- 3) in the entire trip.

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