Managers ask Facebook why he attacked his / her. children into your parents' money


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Two democratic seats have asked Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook Header to explain why the "social network" can deal with children to spend their parents' money without permission "when they were & # 39; playing games on Facebook.

"A new report from the Center for Research Statements has shown that your company's policy has a devastating commitment to the costs of a credit card with children in the name that are friendly and fraudulently – incentivized at the expense of parents, "US Sens Edward Markey (D-Mass) and Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn) wrote in a letter to Zuckerberg today. "In particular, Facebook seems to have rejected a plan that would reduce this risk effectively and instead reduce it by including income the largest one. "

Because parents did not know that his / her could not children to buy without further proof, "there were many thousands of dollars in cost when many young users played while playing games like Angry Birds, Petville, Wild Ones, and Barn Buddy, said the elders' letter.

Users claimed reimbursement for more than 9 per cent of the money that Facebook was made from children, but the system was filed, the senators wrote. Facebook suggested a worker's suggestion to resolve the problem and instead of "planning[ed] A strategy for self-aggression on customer requests for repayments, without any review of the requests themselves, "write them.

Markey and Blumenthal asked a series of questions on Zuckerberg, and asked for a response by February 19.

"When did Facebook staff grow aware that their children would spend money for their parents when playing games on your platform?" they asked. "When did you leave, as Chief Executive, aware of this case?"

The elders asked Zuckerberg about the policy changes made by Facebook to terminate the use of children to buy-in-app without parents' knowledge. They also ask Zuckerberg that Facebook will refund on customers "full money for money lost by children as a result of Facebook policies."

The generals also asked Facebook to cooperate fully with any Federal Commercial Commission's investigation of its & # 39; case, although it is not clear if FTC has contacted Facebook about this.

"To add an additional risk to children on Facebook, do you promise to have all the content and services run by youngsters on your platform to be free of charge and without advertising? " The elders also asked.

Documents appeared within Facebook

The Center for Research Statement was based on documents that were downloaded from an action lawsuit that was recorded against Facebook in 2012 at the US District Court for Northern California. His case was settled in 2016 and sentenced to him; Facebook needed to make changes to the reimbursement practices and policies for young people.

The Center for Research Statements moved to unsolicited documents from the case in September 2018, and this move was largely distributed this month.

Court documents included "memories inside Facebook, secret strategies, and employee mail," said the Center for Research Statement.

The documents show that "Facebook has a multi-sort effort guide to raise children and their parents out of money, in some cases of hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and then they refused to restore the money, "said the company's report. In some cases, the children did not know they were; The cost of real money was because they did not understand that their parents had credit cards attached to their Facebook accounts, the report said.

"For years, the company has noticed the warnings from their own staff that they were young children," said the report.

We helped Facebook today and ask us to; company if it opposes some of the allegations. Facebook did not dispute any of the allegations, but it gave us a statement that is almost the same as that given to the Center for Research Statement. He reads as follows:

The Research Statement Center has contacted us last year, and we have voluntarily received documents that are related to the 2012 case about our repayment policies to buy -in-app that parents can Believers are made by mistake with their little children. We have now distributed additional documents as the court wants. Facebook works with parents and specialists to offer tools to families who navigate on Facebook and the web. As part of this work, we will regularly analyze our own practices and in 2016 we agree to update our terms and provide specific resources for repayment claims related to the purchase of made by ministers on Facebook.

Facebook confirmed to Ars that he did not receive the letter from Markey and Blumenthal, but the giant of social media did not give a special response. Facebook found that it offers customers the opportunity to buy about questions and replications requested. For game fees, users can choose "Purchase made by someone under 18" as the reason for requesting refund.

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