Manchester City beat Schalke 7-0


City City City beat the Schalke 04 in Germany with 7: 0 and the 10: 2 overall score for the season of the Champions League. The game was a training course for the boys of Guardiola that didn't get the hard drive into it. Many VAR reviews were not pardoned with more time during the meeting.

The pressure, as far as he was concerned, came to an end at the end of the first half. Then, within 7 minutes, the guests, as a joke of three goals, got the trip.

Manchester City - Schalke 7: 0 after many VAR reviews

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Manchester City – Schalke 7: 0 after many VAR reviews

Pep Guardiola is careful before re-establishment

The game began with a priority of "citizenship", but was in no hurry and promise of certainty. Guests were restricted by the restricted areas of the center, which did not create hazards. At 33 minutes Gundogan tried to get Bernardo Silva, which was pulled down by Bruma, and without delay Turpin's contact with the white point. The penalty was also confirmed by VAR.

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Sergio Aguera opened the Panenka style score. Two minutes later, Gundogan brought Germany back to the south. The Englishman returned to Aguero, who had been dug for 2: 0 in the near corner. This time there was a very long VAR review which confirmed the effect.

Shortly after starting the game, Sane was taken to the left and scored 3: 0 in the 42nd minute.

After broke, the two stables were good at exercising, only doing that the guests lost them. At the beginning, Sane sent a goal, which put VAR off for ambush.

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Shortly after that Stirling got to visit a volley visit well, which the judge put beside. This time, the repetition of the blow 4: 0 confirmed.

There were two visits after the Sane attack. First, Bernardo Silva increased to 5: 0, then warden Phil Fudge got up for 6: 0. He was the young Englishman's son; visit by the League of Champions.

A further reserve, Gabriel Jesuish, was also recorded among the audience on 84 minutes for 7: 0, who developed the schedule for what City's biggest impact at the League.

Eventually the judge did not give either time extra and put an end to the German religion.

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