Manchester City v Chelsea: One big game, five big questions


The interplay game between Chelsea and Manchester City, 2-0 victory for the guests at Stamford Bridge, one of the most exciting and innovative games of the season as long as two complex enemies formed, a high-quality wild hosting host; suffer. There are two reasons for believing that the same will be as good; both City and Chelsea are in a confident, tangible form.

Pep Guardiola has described his game as a "final cup" for him, after Everton 2-0 hit in the middle of the week – he went back to the top of a Premier League board for his & # 39; first time in 52 days. Liverpool may have been brought back to either by Sunday, and increasing the weight that should be an intense problem in Manchester.

Here are five innovative questions ahead of Man City v Chelsea:

1) Is Laporte left to give Kante the opportunity to play again in the # 39; the game?
A special feature to & # 39; a game at Stamford Bridge, which was running Nolo's Goal Kante on the front of the attack, the Frenchman who was in the game. broke out over David Silva in the second half to push it into his / her; Town and the opening. The Chelsea is to prove that, if you can, The first wave of Guardiola papers is avoided, the City range is very light on the numbers. Daibhidh Silva and Kevin de Bruyne are very tall at the playground, and as long as they are on the right side of the playground; Kyle Walker is smaller in order to be the third back center (which defines the place behind De Bruyne), there is no such plan on the left.

Fabian Delph can not keep track of Kante, so Aymeric Laporte can not be able. For Chelsea to be successful in this way they need to show a measure of its & # 39; a member in their own half – something they did at the opening of 45 at Stamford Bridge, but gradually, they evolved as the media had declined.

There is undoubtedly sure that Maurizio Sarri has wondered since the game in December: Chelsea knows what he wants to do with the attacks. Kante can be a warrior again.

2) Will Higuain move to Chelsea to take advantage of the places left by De Bruyne and David Silva?
On a related note, Chelsea's ability to attack at speed has risen significantly to Gonzalo Higuain. The main feature of the Sarri team is to pass the & # 39; break fast, break off to turn to & # 39; move instant switches and enter the final third. Chelsea is rarely presenting this device under Sarri, but Higuain's presence should change.

You can change your settings at any time. Continue to adjust your settings Find out more BBC Accessibility Help Accessibility BBC Guide News Sport Weather TV Radio Arts Terms of Use About the BBC Privacy Accessibility Help Guide to Parents Added to BBC Added. The rare combination of these two features can harm the major defensive line of their home; look out for Falling a hare from the back of Fernandinho, away, and then spun back Nicolas Otamendi.

Guardiola might try to limit the impact of Higuain by a & # 39; Ilkay Gundogan was remarried along with Fernandinho, but maybe this did not agree to the problem. The majority of the home should have the property and its property; the advantage of the rural battle, Could not continue to Gundogan a & # 39; travel later.

3) Can Sane / Sterling show Chelsea problems down Azpilicueta side?
All four Bournemouth goals came in their 4-0 win over Chelsea in Dean Court through aggression down the installments, shows Chelsea's weak play in fourteenth. They do not yet look comfortable, in some cases because the backups do not enough support in a narrow 4-3-3, but also because Cesar Azpilicueta does not work well.

It is the best chance of its & # 39; home for the impact of hitting that right side again, a & # 39; Use a widget (Raheem Sterling or Leroy Sane) to & # 39; extracting Azpilicueta and running behind. Everyone knows that their best way is to visit the objectives of their & # 39; town to slide the ball between the back and back of the corner to put a low cross to an e-mail boot. Chelsea is vulnerable to this move; Kante and Barkley are very shocked by David Silva and De Bruyne to have a back cover behind the backdrop.

4) Is this opportunity of Bruyne appearing for a & # 39; first time from returning from bad?
De Bruyne has not registered or assisted in the league since December 22. He still wants to achieve 90 minutes in any competition in this season, and in the 3-1 victory over Arsenal this weekend, he was look rusty, prevent simple passwords and fail to & # 39; complete a unique passport, each Opta. De Bruyne is obviously a cause of concern, but confidence is also a matter.

Chelsea could have been just a challenge for De Bruyne to get involved in the middle again. Downing down and down the right penalty, it is definitely impossible to find De Bruyne himself with amazing sequences where it works. Barkley and Hazard are the two Chelsea players that are hosted in the & # 39; This zone of the range, and their protection capacity does not have to stop its Belgian – should it be more acute than it was against Arsenal.

5) Will Will Barkley (in his own half) perform the competition?
As well as he or she can not keep up with De Bruyne, Barkley's performance from his own half could have a big impact. The center of the harbor battle is so important, and therefore claustrophobic, that the weakest weakness may be adversely affected by the result.

As previously mentioned, Chelsea's main work is to prevent paper retention. Town, and Barkley may be the least equipment to do so. It will be under pressure, in general to & # 39; performing well but when the time and room there is to boost Hollywood will be cross the width of the field. They could, as expected, be a clear part of the successful success of Chelsea (as they were in a 5-0 win over Huddersfield), but Barkley is more likely to get little loss.

If it is not deeply positioned, or can not deal with the member with his back to a visit, the City can win the ball above and dispose of the skipper behind the Chelsea defenses . Perfect performance will be needed to prevent the guests from being applied; Barkley is a chink in the army; Guardiola batteries.

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