Manchester City vs. Chelsea on TV live coverage; know where to see



Manchester City vs. Chelsea on TV live coverage; know where to see Today there is a day of play for the English Competition and the game will be broadcast to every Brazilian live on Sunday, 10th.

The conflict Manchester City x Chelsea which is valid for the 26th tour of the Premier League and starts at 14h (time of Brasilia). It is a chance for Brazilians to explore how football is for some of the players who can help someone to play, Helps the Teacher to find a Copa America this year.

Expectations to leave

Today there is a day watching a game that's a marks the resumption of two teams that reach the force with a full force and no problem of poor ties between the top athletes. While the Manchester City focusing on returning leadership, Chelsea Want to stay in the fourth place and access the top of the page; board.

The two lost the situation yesterday, following a good fulfillment of the direct challenges. CIty and Chelsea come from impact. Guardiola from Arsenal 3-1 won and Maurizio Sarri Huddersfield's side hit 5-0 in the last game.

Where can I see Manchester City v Chelsea alive?

If there is a Sunday on a football day, take pleasure in the early evening to watch a show of respect for the Premier League, the English Premier League. The game recorded for 2pm will be played at Etihad's Stairs in Manchester.

Manchester City x Chelsea broadcast live on ESPN Brazil. The game does not play on open television, but anyone who wants to keep track of the internet can watch everything on

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