Manchester City's international news: Premier League stores cost £ 375,000 on 14 year old Millwall as Football Clubs say a club is in place to stop FIFA movement


Premier League shops have scrapped Darko Gyabi London with new allegations that FIFA plans to stop moving

Manchester City has spent £ 375,000 ($ 482k) on the 14-year-old Darkwall Gyabi Millwall, which comes from the south London estate to Jadon Sancho.

Gyabi has recently joined him in Baile and the latest London-based youth will move to Etihad Stadium, such as Taylor Richards, John Carlo Poveda and Sancho, who won major reviews for Borussia Dortmund and the English national team from leaving his home in horrible situations in the summer.

Gyabi, a lively midwife that has been playing in older groups for Millwall in recent years, has been on the # 39; making her first young people at her & her; His Town.

It is acknowledged that a & # 39; moved to Millwall than her first £ 375k Gyabi should be at # 39; affecting specific number targets, who were thinking about & # 39; connect the young people's game time and progress through the areas in Manchester.

The news comes into the new Football Membership allegations that a City Council stopping for one year's move from FIFA to register players under 18 overseas against the rules of the governing body.

In an article about the movement of young football players, Politics, the Danish newspaper is working in partnership with the Football League last year saying that the big city hit its unlawful case with FC Nordsjaelland in terms of being a & # 39; registering African aforementioned applications, saying that new documents show that a FIFA judging room has been proposed to ban for two Home windows.

The same report says that Chelsea is located to block four windows over two years.

FIFA rules prohibit players under the age of 18 years of age; move abroad if both players and shopping clubs are not located within 50 kilometers of a national border, or parents are emigrated for non-football purposes.

Last week FIFA said he had questioned in her checks: "As reported in September 2017, the opening of the Chelsea FC club as well as English clubs Other in terms of possible breach of the Status and Transfer of Players Regulations. The issues are ongoing and, until now, no decision has been agreed with FIFA critical groups. Therefore, clubs must be represented innocent unless otherwise resolved. Further information can not be given as the issues are ongoing. Any update will be which may be expressed shortly. "

A city has refused to comment on any specific allegations related to the Legends of Football Leaks. A statement issued out of its first batch of awards, & # 39; refers to the rules of the Fair Fair Play rules, saying: "We will not give any comments out of the content material that is being considered stolen or stolen from the Town Football Club and Beauly Priory workers and related people South-

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"The effort has damaged the reputation of its organized and clear club".

Chelsea says they have collaborated as a whole with FIFA and have given complete evidence to show that they are " comply with the applicable FIFA regulations ".

Your homepage is now clear to sign up talented signs again after being banned from a & # 39; doing so for a year with the Premier League in May 2017. There is no suggestion that the move of City for Gyabi has moved any regulations.

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